Why Life Insurance Through PERA Might be Right for You

April 4, 2019

Making sure loved ones are protected is a major focus of life no matter our age. However, some people might think that life insurance isn’t needed until much later in life. But if you are newly married, just welcomed your first child, or simply have family who you don’t want to be financially burdened by your death, then having life insurance should be a top priority. Term life insurance is an affordable way to help your loved ones pay the bills if you die during your working years. Your beneficiaries can use the money to help pay for housing and other expenses, including your final arrangements.

If you are a PERA member, it’s really easy for you to obtain term life insurance coverage. Open enrollment began on April 1 and if you enroll before May 31, you are guaranteed coverage without a health exam or medical questions. The following video quickly summarizes five benefits of PERA’s Life Insurance Program and how to get started.