We Know It's Only July...but Winter Is Coming

July 27, 2017

If that title makes you think of the impending ski season (which is still a good four to six months away), you’ve clearly missed one of the greatest cultural phenomena of the last decade: Game of Thrones (cue escalading musical strings here). With the seventh season finally in full swing (a constant reminder that we’re officially on the downswing of one of the most compelling TV experiences the world has ever seen), we’re all back to our favorite weekly TV indulgence. This, of course, means that for the next six-ish weeks, you’re going to be battling an incrementally progressing depression for every day you aren’t given a new episode. While this isn’t hardly as dramatic as Ned Stark’s execution, it still blows. If you just can’t get enough of all the murder-filled, power-struggling, tragic love-tale magic that is GoT, here are four ways you can artificially stimulate your dopamine receptors between episodes. Winter is definitely coming, but only because this season has the hair on the back of our neck standin’ straight up. We can’t lose you for a second time Jon Snow…we just can’t.

Visit Hot Pie’s New Bakery

Devoted fans will certainly reflect fondly on the kind-hearted doughboy (pun-intended), Hot Pie. For those who don’t know, he’s Arya’s baker buddy who just wants to follow her on her journeys, but instead gets relegated to the kitchen since he’s such a baller at baking bread. In Season 3, Arya and Hot Pie part ways after Hot Pie gifts Arya with a wolf-shaped bread—which you can now get from his new, cleverly-named bakery, “You Know Nothing Jon Dough.” It’s only in London, and needless to say, you’ll definitely be waiting in line for your taste of his classic GoT prop—but, it’ll be well worth the chance to try real Direwolf bread from the man himself.

Go to a Rave of Thrones Show

Possibly the most universally-beloved character in GoT is Hodor, the simple-minded servant to House Stark. Because of the major show theme that God is punishing us for our perpetual sins against His Holy Creation, [SPOILER ALERT] Hodor was killed off tragically in one of the most-emotionally charged moments of Season 6. Hilariously enough though, you can see the sweet giant’s face again in ‘Rave of Thrones,’ the DJ project of the real-life Hodor himself, Kristian Nairn. While the music will lean more towards progressive house than GoT’s vaguely Celtic cinematic jams, RoT is basically one big Game of Thrones cosplay dance party. Catch Kristian’s Rave of Thrones at The Church in Denver on September 8th.

Get Really Into D&D

If you’re more stricken by the world of Game of Thrones than the characters themselves, you might be able to satisfy your thirst for European-esque historical mythology with some 20-sided dice. For those of you who weren’t basement dwelling half-dwarfs in high school, Dungeons & Dragons is an intense role-playing game that stands at the highest point of the highest point on the nerdism pyramid. Basically, a group of friends go on an imaginary adventure led by a Dungeon Master—essentially the most creative and dramatic of your nerd friends. While it may seem like a strange way for adults to spend time with their people, there are enough people out there who love this fantasy game to make us a little curious. Plus, there’s a video of Vin Diesel playing D&D, and if that doesn’t make you want to start playing and/or listening to fantasy metal, then you may as well just watch Game of Thrones reruns and stop reading right now.

Read George R.R. Martin’s LiveJournal

We were going to say that you should read the Game of Thrones books (which you obviously should), but more importantly, you should read George R.R. Martin’s LiveJournal. Yes, the burly, grandfatherly, genius-minded guy behind Game of Thrones holds a very active blog. It sounds more like it belongs in the GoT era than in our current technological age, but it’s pretty sweet. Granted, you’re not going to read anything particularly bizarre or damning on the site, but you are going to get a personal look behind the life of this most imaginative man. GoT truly gave George a new lease on life, and it’s clear in the way he writes and discusses some of the modern mundanities of his world—which we think is pretty inspiring. Plus, every post ends with a Space-Jam-like graphic of a tiny alien reflecting George’s current mood. Maybe God loves us after all.

Are you a GoT fan? Yeah…we’re obviously not either.