The Dime Roll: Two Things Pullin' at Our Heartstrings

July 28, 2017

Budgeting and Game of Thrones have (almost) nothing to do with one another, except for the fact that they both have the ability to make grown men cry. While having to pass on your morning latte isn't *quite* as difficult (or permanent) as being murdered over your quest for the throne, it's no easy feat, either. On the bright side, nothing has the ability to unite the world like money woes and murder shows, so it's safe to say we're all on this emotional journey together. When you're done reading our take on how crazy hard it is to budget, we'll get you prepped for Sunday's GoT episode with the coolest Thrones-themed stuff to experience around Colorado and the world. Oh, and as usual, we've also got some interesting reads from other peeps around the Interweb. 

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This week on The Dime:

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