The Dime Roll: Seek Refuge by the Pool - Denver Is Going to Be LIT This Weekend (a.k.a. HOT)

June 9, 2017

Distract yourself this week with The Dime Roll, where we help you navigate new homeownership (thank you, CHFA), and kick start your savings by...opening six savings accounts? (We know, we know...hear us out.)

In the meantime, drink lots of water, lather on the sunscreen, and scoop up a chair at the pool early. Grab a refreshing beverage and get ready to read the best from around the webfrom us to you.

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This week on The Dime:

Looking for Help With a Down Payment on a Home? Look to CHFA 

Why I Went From 11 Checking Accounts to Six Savings Accounts

Great resources from around the web:

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Why aren't American teenagers working anymore? via The Denver Post

This Week in Tech:

Zuckerberg tells Harvard we need a new social contract of equal opportunity via TechCrunch 

In the News:

Common Workplace Mistakes New Grads Don't Realize They're Making via Fast Company

Is Blue Apron Even Going To Exist In Five Years? via Fast Company

Just for Fun:

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