The Dime Roll: In Mr. Roger's Famous Words, "Look for the Helpers"

September 15, 2017

This week on The Dime Roll, we're getting a little introspective—first about finances (this is The Dime, after all), and then about something a bit more personal: experiencing first-hand the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. For one of our staff writers, returning to Texas in his wake was a heart-wrenching look at how quickly Mother Nature can destroy not only our home, but the very foundation upon which our memories, our hopes, our dreams, our reality are built. But as so many of us know, amid the darkness there is always hope—and that hope, in the experience of our staff writer, came in the form of people rising to the occasion to help their neighbors, their friends, their family...and even strangers. It can't help but remind us of Mr. Roger's famous quote:

"When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping. To this day, especially in times of "disaster," I remember my mother's words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers—so many caring people in this world." 

The states and communities still reeling from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are in dire need. If you wish to give to their relief efforts, check out the American Red Cross, or explore Charity Navigator for programs and organizations in need of your support.

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