The Dime Roll: Home Improvement, Status Symbols, Taco Bell, and More

February 24, 2017

With Mardi Gras coming up, we're about finding the best party (laissez les bons temps rouler, or, "let the good times roll," as the NOLA locals might say); so, we’re pitting two of the biggest “Fat Tuesday” celebrations head-to-head: Mardi Gras in New Orleans, LA, and Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Then, we’re answering some of life’s most pressing questions with a look at how you can fulfill your career goals—one step at a time (with a little help from one of New Orleans’ most famous natives, Ellen DeGeneres. See? It allcomes back full circle.) Plus, as always, we have some of the best links from around the web, including a quicker-than-expected death for the too-insane-not-to-be-true fried chicken chalupa shell.If you love The Dime, do us a favor and share it with your friends. We’re always looking for new Facebook and Twitter followers, and don’t forget to forward the weekly newsletter to anyone you think might enjoy us. Thank you!

This week on The Dime:

New Orleans Mardi Gras vs. Rio Carnival: A Battle of Hedonistic Holidays

Creating Your Own Path Toward Job Fulfillment

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