The Dime Roll: Fake Reviews, IRS Secrets, Home-Cooking Tips for Newbie Chefs, and More

April 7, 2017

This week on The Dime, we’re doing some spring cleaning—physically and financially. First up, we have some tips for planning for retirement when you’re several decades away (it’s actually the best possible time to startother than yesterday). Then, we’ve got some down and dirty spring cleaning tips for two very important places: your kitchen and your virtual spaces (that’s rightwhen was the last time you thought to clean out your DVR queue?). Plus, as always, we have some great personal finance links from across the web—including a cautionary tale for anyone who’s ever wanted to write a nasty online review. It’s all in this week's edition of The Dime Roll!

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This week on The Dime:

Retirement Planning in Your 20s and 30s

Frozen Part 2: The Tale of Spring Cleaning

Other great resources from around the web:

Money Saving Tips:

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Managing Your Money:

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In the News: 

Jewelry Store Worker Ordered To Pay $34.5K For Posting Fake Yelp Review Of Rival via Consumerist

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