Spring Break Away From the Beaten Path

March 23, 2017

As much as we would love to hop a plane to Croatia and rub elbows with the world’s elite while cruising around on a private yacht, ain’t nobody got the time or the money for that (although yes, The Yacht Week IS legit). The thing is, though, we millennials pride ourselves on making the world a better place one job, trip, Snapchat, or Facebook post at a time. So yeah, The Yacht Week sounds amazing and all, but it’s not necessarily our shtick, either.

If you’re fortunate enough to have any number of paid vacation days (or unlimited even—we’re looking at you, Boulder start-ups), we here at The Dime team have spent countless nights (OK, maybe not…but we did brainstorm quite a bit) to compile a list of alternative, off-the-beaten-path ways to spend your spring break. Regardless of the destination, let’s make a couple of assumptions:

  • You’re going for at least one week;
  • You might have to put forth some moolah for a hotel/bus/car/camping spot, etc. because of the time of year (BUT, you will be avoiding the insane rush to Indio polo club for that little unknown music festival known as Coachella); and
  • You’re going to travel with someone—be it a homie, a girlfriend, or your current Tinderella.

Visit Sante Fe’s bowling-alley-converted-to-immersive-art-space darling: Meow Wolf

Nestled in the heart of a strip mall in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Meow Wolf is a converted bowling alley turned art complex. While some consider it an amusement park, beyond some awesome installations, the place boasts a 13,000-square-foot “makerspace,” as well as an educational center where kids and adults alike can learn high-tech art and fabrication.

Their rules: Touch everything. Go anywhere, especially places that seem weird. Be nice. Try not to break anything. And, whatever you do, don’t pee in the toilet. (Don’t worry, there ARE restrooms.) But seriously, there’s a toilet that’s a part of the experience—as well as tipis, washing machines, and cameras. Curious? Check it out for yourself

Life’s a beach. So volunteer on one.

There are a handful of awesome beach options to choose from when opting to escape and donate your time to a volunteer program. San Jose, Costa Rica, should be at the top of your tropical destination volunteer list. The perks: it’s a short flight from Denver, program fees are as low as ~$300/week, and you can choose the type of industry to contribute your time to—from childcare, to teaching, to any number of environmental causes (think sea turtle conservation). To top it off, if you’re a nature lover, Costa Rica happens to be one of the most biodiverse countries in the world—which means you’re sure to see that rare lizard species you learned about in college bio.

Shred—or should we say sled—the gnar at Great Sand Dunes National Park.

The laziest, lowest-hanging-fruit option is to pack the car with camping gear and escape to Great Sand Dunes National Park. Most forget about the historical significance of the park: Zebulon Pike, the founder of Pike’s Peak, visited the good ol’ Dunes in the 1800s. 

What does this mean for you? A chance to do a little digital detox, and unplug from your electronic devices—opting instead to sled down the dunes, take in the gorgeous daytime hiking, and sleep under the stars. Remember to practice the 4 Rs—reduce, reuse, recycle, and Rhianna (or maybe that’s just what the Broad City gals say)—and #optoutside.

Are we missing a crucial spot for spring break? What are the alternative plans you're making?