Our Favorite Reads and Listens for National Day of Encouragement

September 12, 2018

Since today is National Day of Encouragement, we here at The Dime decided to scour the Interweb for some of our favorite reads and listens across finance, career, pop culture, personal development, and life's other important topics (because, you know...we love you).

Is there something you recently came across that provided some much needed guidance or encouragement? If so, mention it in the comments below!


I Made One Simple Financial Change and It Lowered My Spending | The Atlantic

According to behavioral economics, the “pain of paying” refers to the psychological discomfort experienced when parting with one’s money, and it varies by medium: At one extreme would be painstakingly counting out each penny at the register (a high pain level due to how tactile the transaction is). Near the other extreme would be paying with a credit card (which, by postponing payment and offering rewards programs, eases the agony of depleting funds). Interested in actualizing the “pain of paying” for himself, one staff writer at The Atlantic applied the principle to his personal spending habits.

Why You Shouldn’t Share Your Goals | Medium

If you’re ready to get serious about goal-setting, here’s one tip that might sound counter-intuitive: don’t actually share with others what your goals are. Why? It has been shown that, by communicating your goals, you might actually be less likely to achieve them. Some experts argue that early praise one receives can leave the individual feeling like they have already won, and therefore less likely to follow through with their goals.

Pop Culture Happy Hour: Need a Boost? Here’s Some Pop Culture Serotonin | NPR

Not every day can be Friday, not every bit of weather can be sunny, and not every plate can have cookies on it. That's why the folks at NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast love what they call their “pop culture serotonin”—the stuff they watch, read, and listen to that boosts their mood and makes them feel better.

Why I Encourage My Best Employees to Consider Outside Job Offers | Harvard Business Review

Most bosses fear that their best employees will leave, so it might seem like a bad idea to encourage your stars to consider outside offers. However, according to the chief marketing officer of G2Crowd, doing so instead sends employees a clear signal that you really care about their learning and development. Openness allows for an honest conversation with each employee about their future career path, so if they do decide to leave, they’ll be more likely to recommend you as a great boss, as well as more likely to return in the future.

Military Veterans Find Purpose in Chatfield Farms Agriculture Classes | Westword

Resources for veterans can be difficult to attain and navigate when they return to civilian life. What was once their home can sometimes seem as foreign as the lands they’re returning from. And, without the regimented and structured discipline they’ve grown to depend on, re-assimilating can be extremely difficult. That’s why the goal of the Veterans to Farmers program is to provide these men and women who have sacrificed so much the opportunities to recover, learn, and move forward by becoming our providers, therein contributing to the solution of our aging farmer problem and food insecure nation.

What YA Fiction Taught Me | Medium

Are you a reader of the “Young Adult” (YA) genre? If not, you might want to be. Not only is it one of the fastest-growing literary genres, its novels are bravely exploring the biggest themes of our era, and creating a community of empowered teenagers in the process.