Keep It Local for Thanksgiving With These Airbnb Staycation Ideas

November 13, 2018

Ah, the holidays. It’s that time of year when we collectively engage in a sort of competition around the most effective way to answer our parents’ inquiries about whether we’ll be able to make it home. The winner, of course, gets an all-expenses paid vacation back to their hometown with at least one year of guilt-ridden “advice” from your parents to get a job that actually uses your degree. As fun and rewarding as the competition might be, some people just don’t have that competitive spirit. Or maybe you’re a little more into SAVING money so you can fly yourself home sans help from Mom and Dad over the Christmas-adjacent holiday break. If that’s the case, you might be wanting to keep it local for Thanksgiving. Now, that definitely doesn’t mean that you should stay inside alone watching Murder, She Wrote reruns over a cold turkey sandwich though. Instead, consider getting some of your Denver-based friends together to rent one of these local Airbnbs for a lil’ “staycation” in preparation for the forthcoming, expense-heavy holiday season.

This tiny house with a nice deck 

This would be absurdly crammed if you were to do an all-out Friendsgiving, but if you’re just looking for something intimate that’ll stave off the tendency to want to spend the entire day watching Seinfeld reruns in bed, this is the spot. If we’re lucky enough to have a sunny Thanksgiving, you’ll get to eat your turkey and stuffing on the beautiful rooftop patio. If not, well…you can always eat it together on the couch. Nothing feels better after a rich meal than a cozy nap, and this spot provides exactly that—and then some. (And when we say “some,” we mean a whole lot of intimacy since you and whomever you’re sharing the day with will have to wrestle for valuable couch real estate.) 

This house with the killer backyard 

If you’re heading in the direction of a full-on Friendsgiving, you may benefit from having a little more room—or an entire house [not in the “tiny” sense]. This spot in Edgewater provides plenty of room for your pals, a decent-sized kitchen for actually making the meal, and most importantly, a backyard for all the sports. While its profile claims to provide access to some nice hiking trails, let’s be honest: we live in Colorado, which means if you want to hike, there are probably some better and more direct opportunities. If, on the other hand, you want to play football with friends in a space sized perfectly for adults who don’t work out enough to run more than a few yards at a time, this is it.

This “award-winning” place in Stapleton

Award-winning what, you ask? Great question. Maybe it’s the patio? We don’t necessarily pay attention to the annual patio awards, so we’re not entirely sure how the contestants stack up against one another…it seems to be a pretty nice patio, though. Perhaps it’s owned by an award-winning, all-American family, as evident by the photos in the study. If that’s not a first-place worthy family, we don’t know what is. Now it’s up to you and your friends to live up to that Airbnb description and have an award-winning Thanksgiving just up the street from where you presumably live. What award? Well, that’s up to you. (As long as it’s not the “Break stuff in someone else’s house” award. If you’re going to stay here, try to place last in that award, pretty please.)

This trendy mansion with a poster of Grover Cleveland

Upon viewing this listing, you might think to yourself, “Wait, is that Grover Cleveland? Why would this place have a photo of Grover Cleveland? That can’t be Grover Cleveland,” to which we would have to respond, “Exactly.” See, this place is huge. It’s literally a mansion with more than enough room for a ton of friends. Plus, it’s in LoHi, which means all of your friends who said they didn’t want to come over for Friendsgiving are going to actually come over just to see what the place is like. Seeing Grover Cleveland on the wall will likely spark a pretty contested debate because again, why would anyone have a poster of Grover Cleveland? Eventually, someone will probably point out that it is definitely not Grover Cleveland, but everyone will by that point have talked about Grover Cleveland so much that it’ll become quite obvious that no one actually knows anything about Grover Cleveland, the 22nd and the 24th president of the United States, so you’ll end up watching documentaries about Grover Cleveland and turn-of-the-century America for most of Thanksgiving, ultimately lulled to sleep on one of the mansion’s several couches as Ken Burns narrates in the background. Now, that’s Thanksgiving at its finest.