How Your Professional Skills Can Help With Achieving Financial Success

August 21, 2018

Here at The Dime, we talk a lot (a lot, a lot) about setting goals to help achieve financial success. But, there's a good chance you're over there asking yourself, “Where do I even find the time to sit down and set said goals?!” And hey, we get it—after all, this is Colorado, and there are plenty of distractions vying for every spare minute of your free time (sports, concerts, camping, and volunteering, to name a few). You’re also slaying at your 9-to-5, and then there’s happy hours, and gym, and tan, and laundry (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves with a lil’ GTL throwback). Or maybe it’s not about having the time; maybe it’s your inner doubts that are holding you back. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Do I even have the skills necessary to improve my financial well-being?” then yes—your insecurities are likely standing in the way of reaching your full potential.

But wait—while you’ve been working away at your J-O-B, you’ve likely also been honing the skills you need to reach financial success without even knowing it. Talk about multi-tasking.

  • Do you oversee and manage projects at work? Repurpose those project checklists to lead you through the project of developing a detailed personal budget and savings plan. Your organizational talents will also help you maximize efficiencies (like setting up automatic transfers to your savings account so you can set-it-and-forget-about-it). Just think how rewarding it will feel to check off boxes for gains in your personal life!
  • Do you negotiate prices or review proposals? Utilize that keen bargaining sense at home to become a conscious consumer. Contact your service providers and ask if they’ll match competitors’ special offers. Price compare online and in-store to find the best deal on those big-ticket (and even weekly) purchases. Before you know it, the incremental savings will start racking up!
  • Do you participate in long-term planning for your employer? That forward-thinking expertise can be applied in your personal life, too. Think about your future; what big-ticket purchases will you need/want to make? What are your future travel plans? When do you want to retire? Visualizing your goals allows you to develop a plan toward achieving them.

So, take a moment and assess your daily work requirements. What are the skills you use every day to get your job done? Chances are that it’s a small leap to take your fine-tuned work skills and apply them to your personal financial goals. OK, we said our piece. It’s now time to recommence all things Colorado (although this one may take a little training…).