Healthy-Eating Habits for the Salad Impaired

February 2, 2017

Ugh, salads.

They’re tedious, boring, and messy.

They’re objectively less awesome than pizza or a burrito in just about every way possible.

And, it’s nearly impossible to do anything productive while eating them (hasta la vista, multi-tasking).But…they’re healthy. And, if you’re going to put your best foot forward when it comes to establishing healthy eating habits, you’re probably going to have to make salads a mainstay of your diet. However, not everyone enjoys salads (see above), and it’s difficult to create a positive, repetitive behavior when you have to start out on the wrong, non-pizza/burrito/cheeseburger foot. So, for those of us who may be a little unenthusiastic about replacing quesadillas with Caesars (again, see above), here are a few other healthful solutions to keep your diet in check on those days when you’re just not that into eating raw leaves for lunch. (Plus, it’s Groundhog Day, meaning it's our God-given duty to save you from the uninspired salad-consumption loop you are likely to fall into (if you haven’t already).


Our beef with salads (excuse the pun) isn’t that they don’t taste good or aren’t objectively good for you; they can, and they are. It’s just that salads sometimes feel like way too much work for way too little payoff. OK, so maybe that point came off as a little lazy, but hear us out.

Life is busy. We’ve all got a ton going on all the time, and when you eat a salad, you really have no choice but to slow down. Sure, it’s important to slow down, to be reflective. But, for those times when you’re on the go and borderline hangry, it can be very difficult to want to eat healthy. This is essentially the whole premise of Soylent. If you don’t follow the everyday mutterings from Silicon Valley (Soylent has become a favorite among the tech elites), Soylent is a neutral-tasting, plant-based smoothy(ish) drink that contains “a complete blend of protein, carbohydrates, lipids, and micronutrients: everything the body needs to thrive.” It’s perfect for people who regard food as simply a way to refuel, and it keeps you healthy without you having to stop. As they say themselves, Soylent isn’t meant to replace every meal; it’s meant to replace any meal. Or, as we like to say, any salad.


For some people, the aversion to salads is less about the time and effort they require, and more about the vegetables that comprise them. If you’re the kind of person who never really evolved past third-grade dietary habits, then maybe juicing is the move for you. The downside to juicing is that it takes a long time, and requires a lot of produce to become a reality. The upside, though, is that you get a lot of the nutrients salads provide in a refreshing and likely delicious glass of juice that tastes nothing like the vegetables that made it (most of the time, anyway). Granted, you’re going to lose a lot of fruit and vegetable fiber that you’d ordinarily find in the skin, but you can get that fiber in other ways. Plus, there’s something extremely calming and pleasant about watching a slow-masticating juicer, a piece of seriously fine-tuned industrial machinery, do its job. This is especially the case if you really do hate vegetables, since they’re slowly getting crushed into a fine liquid before your very eyes. (Also, that’s kind of sadistic, dude. Relax.)

Amazing Grass Raw Reserve

Much of the battle over salads is the mental game, right? Even if it’s a cobb salad consisting of approximately 30% bacon, the mere inclusion of the word “salad” gives you the psychological edge over your guilt (though probably not your body, in that case). In our opinion, this is where something like Raw Reserve might come in handy. This powdered supplement is designed to help you get a large part of your daily dosage of vitamins and minerals via a combination of greens, sea vegetables, and probiotics. It’s hardly delicious, but if you pound a glass of water or juice with a spoonful of this stuff mixed in, you’ll feel like a million bucks. Well, maybe not a million bucks, but you’ll feel like you satisfied your salad quota for the day. This shouldn’t dismiss you from eating other green things, but at least it’ll help keep your conscience from berating you for slipping up and eating a whole cylinder of pizza-flavored Pringles. Be nice conscience, we’re only human! (Seriously though, you should never eat an entire cylinder of Pringles, no matter how much Raw Reserve you consume first).

Do you have any non-salad healthy eating habits you're looking to try out? Sound off below!