Fall Cleaning: Four Places You'd Probably Forget Without This Blog

September 21, 2017

One of the most important parts of being a self-respecting adult is recognizing that when the leaves either start fall off trees or grow on them, it’s time to do a ceremonial cleanup of your life. It’s as much a symbolic gesture as it is a practical one, clearing the detritus of foregone outfits and quite frankly, the disgusting dust that seems to grow into a borderline sentient organism over the course of one season. However, if you’re a functioning adult, you’re also probably forgetting a few key places that have created proverbial (or literal) colonies out of your neglect. You know how birds and bees will turn practically anything into nests and hives as long as they’re certain to not be disturbed? Yeah, black mold plays by those rules too, so you should probably start cleaning with a little more scrupulousness…

To help you out, here are four other places that you should consider finally cleaning for the beginning of autumn.

The fan(s)

Somewhere in your house, there’s a fan. Maybe it’s your air conditioning unit. Maybe it’s a literal fan that pushes the summer heat around your apartment. Maybe it’s ornamental and affixed above your head in most social rooms. Whatever it is, it’s almost guaranteed to have collected an XL Gap cardigan’s worth of dust while you were enjoying its purpose. And, like a fragile tower of unwashed dishes, eventually that dust will take a bump of unfortunate physics, and spread like a plume of fresh snow across all of your most cherished belongings. When it does, we promise you: it’s not going to be as beautiful and poetic as this paragraph. It’s going to be gross, and you’re going to start coughing…a lot. You should clean that.  

That weird "everything" drawer

You know what we’re talking about: Exes’ keys, old parking passes, and who knows what else. Clean it out, and get rid of the baggage (literally and figuratively) posthaste. Nothing else is needed here. Out with the old and…well, just clean that.

The top of the fridge

Like the wings of a fan, the top of the refrigerator collects a lot of dust. However, a fan is just doing its job, and gathering a few ghosts along the way; the top of the fridge is a place where you actually put things. It doubles as a shelf in times of need, and because it’s a refrigerator, that time of need is usually related to something perishable. That said, if you’re irresponsible enough to have left something perishable on top of the fridge and your senses haven’t yet warned you that it’s most certainly rotten by now, then you have much bigger fish to fry. But if you’re just slightly dismissive until necessary, you still need to give that spot some serious consideration—it’s just out of view enough, and just conveniently reachable enough, that there’s no telling what is slowly creating a microverse up there. You should clean that.

Your mailbox

This one may seem like a bit of a curveball, but that’s only because you’ve probably never considered closely inspecting your mailbox in the first place. But think about it for a second: think about all those people around the country who crush a bag of Cheetos just before closing up their letter to Grandma, and throwing it into the pile of mail heading your way. Somewhere, your mailman (or woman) may have come in contact with a letter from someone who decided to pet some livestock on a dare. And, let’s not forget that people who handle industrial waste on a daily basis have to mail their monthly bills. The point is, there’s a box on your property where all that stuff gathers—and then you reach in and bring it into your house. In fact, you might as well quarantine yourself right now. Yep, you should clean that, too.

Your mind

As much as you should clean up that weird everything drawer in the kitchen, you should also do the same for your emotional everything drawer. Autumn in particular is a beautiful season for reflection, and could be just what you need to finally start repairing your broken soul that’s been carrying around far too much baggage for far too long. Take the time to reflect on it all, and commit to cutting loose your pointless hang-ups once and for all. Think a bit about what you need to be the very best you. Call us Tony Robbins, but cleaning the mind feels like time much better spent than scrubbing toilets and getting rid of your old Birkenstocks.