DIY: Super Bowl Edition

January 31, 2017

There’s something special about the Super Bowl. Far more than just another American spectacle, it’s an event that hundreds of millions of people across the globe tune in to every year. Yes, the Super Bowl truly transcends sports and entertainment, bringing people together across cultural and geographical boundaries in a way that no other game really does.

Now that we’ve sufficiently hyped up the “big game,” we’d like to gently remind you that these are the kinds of expectations the guests at your Super Bowl party are going to have…so, you know, no pressure. As if that wasn’t enough, with the Broncos not playing this year, it’s also on you to make sure everyone still has a great time.

Whether your party is full of football freaks that live for every hard-earned inch of yardage, or your guests are more enthralled by Lady Gaga than pig skin, we’ve got some great ways to tackle the party harder than a linebacker with his shoulder down.

The TV
If the components of your Super Bowl party can be compared to a football team, then the TV is clearly the quarterback. It’s what everyone came to see, and if it’s not that great, you’re letting down your entire fan base.

If you’ve already got a great TV, go on to the next section. If you’re looking to buy one this week, check out this helpful guide on new flat screens from Consumer Reports. Factors like screen size, definition (yes, there are definitions higher than HD now…what a time to be alive), and viewing angle are critical considerations for your spankin’ new living room centerpiece.

The Food
If the TV is the quarterback, the food spread at a Super Bowl party is the offensive line. You can have a great QB, but if your O-line is weak, it won’t matter much. And, if your plan is to punt this critical piece of your party to the pizza guy, your guests are going to be sadder than a bunch of Raiders fans who just found out their team is probably moving to Vegas. To help you score big, here are some delicious, party-themed recipes to cook up:

  • 7-Layer Dip End Zone RecipeWhip up this classic snack with a football twist in no time. Featuring sour cream yard lines, and baked tortilla field goal posts.
  • Pig(skin)s in a BlanketThis one is especially great for kids. Plus, it’s only five ingredients, so you can think of this as your hurry-up offense.
  • Cast Gridiron Skillet Chocolate Chip CookieMix together nine ingredients, slather ‘em into your cast iron skillet (if you don’t have one, you need one now; they’re super easy to season and clean), and then pop it into the oven for 20 minutes. Everyone will be super impressed—and will wonder why you were holding out on them last year.

The Atmosphere
Did we mention the Broncos aren’t in it this year? Yeah...queue sad horn/sad face emoji. But that doesn’t mean you can’t throw some Mile High love their way.

  • Put on Some Classic Football Music: If you’ve ever watched the gritty, slow-motion churn of a running back in the classic NFL Films of yesteryear, you know the work of Sam Spence. A quick YouTube search will get you some of his best work, but nothing can top “Round Up.”
  • Get Nostalgic: Are you an ‘80s kid who grew up in Colorado during the Broncos Super Bowl years of the 1990s? Then you probably remember those VHS tapes commemorating the back-to-back wins. If you don’t have that set-up available (and if you do, mad props), then buy/rent/borrow/steal (no, wait, don’t steal) last year’s Blu-ray, NFL Super Bowl 50 Champions: Denver Broncos. Can’t get your hands on a copy? That’s okay. Cue up YouTube again, and play the ENTIRE GAME FOR FREE. YES. Do you even need this year’s game at that point?

Now, get ready for some football! No, really; you need to get on it— the game is less than a week away.

Do you have any Super Bowl party traditions to share? Sound off in the comments below!