Choose Your Own Adventure: Tax Edition

March 14, 2017

Well, it’s that time of year again. No, we’re not talking about spring cleaning, preparing your garden, or hitting the slopes for some primo spring skiing conditions; we’re talking about the other "season" that coincides with the end of winter: tax season. Are you pumped yet? No? Well, that’s not unusual. Taxes can pretty quickly turn into a complicated mess, and with such a wide array of products available to submit your taxes to Uncle Sam (a.k.a. the Internal Revenue Service) before midnight on Tuesday, April 18 (yes, slackers: you get three extra days to file this year), it can be a bit overwhelming. 

We here at The Dime don’t want to look at it that way, though. Instead, we'd like to think of it as more of an adventure. And, since most of us are children of the 1980s/90s, the mention of an adventure conjures up memories of sitting in dusty treehouses and quiet reading nooks with our noses buried in one of the most interactive entertainment devices of the pre-Information Age: the Choose Your Own Adventure book series.

Of course, the stakes are a little higher with this particular "adventure," so remember that we're presenting the information below for educational purposes only. Please consult a financial professional if you have any questions about your own particular tax situation or circumstance.

And now, without further ado, let's help you choose your own (tax) adventure!