Autumn Equinox: Constructive Rituals for Wealth and Prosperity

September 20, 2018

Do you smell that? That, our friend, is the smell of the end—the end of summer, that is. The organic end of a tree’s growth cycle. (And yes, that’s our “we don’t remember much from earth science” D+ description of the concept of leaves falling.) The end your 10½ month respite from pumpkin spice…everything. (Although deep we know you actually love pumpkin spice lattes and all PSL variants. Don’t worry—so do we.) Whatever “end” is nigh, there sure is something special, almost sacred or spiritual, in the air right now—which means that the autumn equinox is right around the corner.

Regardless of where you stand on the great pumpkin spice debate, most people can agree that autumn brings with it an air of reflection. As we ourselves were reflecting, we stumbled upon an interesting article from “Elite Daily” titled “These Autumn Equinox Rituals 2018 Will Attract Wealth & Success in the Season to Come.” It’s no real surprise that the autumn equinox is shrouded in mysticism and witchery, but reading through this piece, we found some of the suggestions for promoting wealth and prosperity especially interesting. For example, to “invite prosperity into your life,” the article calls for you to light a yellow candle, perform some breathing exercises, and jot down some short-term life goals while in the immediate vicinity of a malachite crystal. Hmm...

Now, we have no problem with mysticism—particularly when just next month, people will quite literally dress up like witches and wander around graveyards for fun. However, we feel that there have got to be better ways to invite prosperity, fall equinox or not. So, in the spirit of the fall equinox, malachite candles, and PS-themed Starbucks menus across the country, here are some more practical rituals that are (hopefully) more likely to invite prosperity into your life. (Bonus: We paired them with candles because, well, who doesn’t like candles?!)

The Garage Sale Ritual

Make like one of Colorado’s gold-hued aspens and shed some of your extra possessions. Fortunately, there are lots of people who would love to pay you for some of the strange unique items you’ve been accumulating over the years. But let’s not mistake the garage sale ritual as some wildly lucrative endeavor; its real benefit lies in the organization it requires. Shedding unnecessary things helps you gain a better understanding of the possessions that are really important to your everyday livelihood. This is typically what spring cleaning is all about, but if we’re dipping into our earthly undertones, we’ll go ahead and say that there’s something naturally cathartic about shedding our own leaves along with the trees.

Now that said, as much as we’re about parting ways with unnecessary possessions, we’re also about picking up where other people left off. Garage sales are hardly a guaranteed success if you’re shopping for things that you actually need, but you never know when you might stumble upon an absolute gem of a relic for a bonkers price. Plus, if you’re looking for a more “institutionalized” garage sale deal, look no further than your local REI. Any frequent REI buyer knows that the REI garage sales are a great opportunity to find typically overpriced goods for atypical prices. So, while you may spend your weekend jettisoning mountains of free promotional mugs and t-shirts, you may fill their void with a $100 five-person tent that fills more space than all those mugs and t-shirts combined. The fall equinox is a funny thing like that.

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The Financial Future Readjustment Ritual

This definitely falls into the category of “seasonal agnostic,” but since we’re trying to focus on wealth and prosperity here, you might as well use this transitional time of year as an excuse to consider what your financial future might look like. After all, the older you get, the more stuff you seem to sign up for and/or contribute to. With every incremental raise comes the fleeting thought that $11.99 isn’t so bad for a monthly subscription. Or that if they’re offering the credit card, you might as well take it. Before you know it, you’re receiving Runner’s World in the mail, and you’ve got an annual subscription to foreign language learning software that you signed up for on a whim after meeting that cute Swedish guy at the bar. So, as you watch the leaves daintily fall off the tree outside your office window, take a few hours to go through all your financial accounts and see what recurring payments deserve to also fall off your bank statements. If you want to take that organizational next step, why don’t you also start keeping a tab on them in an easily accessible Google sheet? That way, not only will you see what you’ve signed up for and when you should expect to be charged each week/month, but you can also keep track of the account details any impulse subscriptions or purchases. There truly is nothing worse than realizing you have a recurring charge for a Pottery Barn promotion from two years ago—and don’t have the account details handy to cancel it. (Not that we’ve done that or anything…)


The Holiday Travel Plan Ritual

OK, folks, don’t hate us for this one. We promise we’re just trying to help you plan ahead…even though the smell of nutmeg is just barely in the air. But here goes: As we approach October, it’s time to start planning for the holidays. We know that there’s nothing more annoying than seeing Santa displays before Thanksgiving, but second only to that is seeing $800 round-trip flights to Cleveland for 4.5 days with your mom and her weird new boyfriend, Rick. At this point, you probably still have enough time to fool the airfare algorithms. Or, at the very least, if you broach the topic now, you may be able to skirt out of that Cleveland trip all together, and talk the family into Christmas in the Rockies. Cabins will definitely be getting hard to come by at this point, but againthis is why we’re mentioning it now. This is the kind of autumn ritual that will set you up for success. (Though, to be completely honest, if you really are trying to book that picturesque Vail cottage for the holidays, “Elite Daily’s” witchcraft and crystals may actually be your best option.)

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