Warm Up With These Stay-At-Home Date Ideas (No “Netflix and Chill” Necessary)

January 17, 2017

If you’re currently paired off/in a relationship/insert-latest-Facebook-status-along-these-lines, one of your goals for the new year may very well be to spend more quality time with your significant other. Buuut, it’s also mid-January in Colorado—which, for many of us, equates to prime hibernation mode (a.k.a. let’s pack on the winter poundage and catch up on our Netflix queues).

Just because you and your boo may not be jonesing for a hot date out on the town, doesn’t mean you can’t introduce a little (or a lot) of quality time into your nights in. So go ahead—check out some of our creative date-night ideas below. We dare you not to want to leave your Netflix account high and dry (for a little while, anyway).

Plan your dream vacation
A two-week vacation to Bora Bora probably feels like a distant possibility right now (both time and money-wise), but don’t let that stop you from planning. Daydream together about where you would go and what you would do—then, pretend-plan your dream vacation (and maybe even try to make it a reality by checking out some of our money-saving tips for even the most the saving averse).

Cook together
Weekly recipe ordering services like Blue Apron and HelloFresh make it super fun and easy to cook something gourmet—often in as little as 30 minutes. If cooking a whole meal feels too intimidating, just whip up something decadent to share for a late-night dessert.

Experience a blast from the past
Scroll to the very beginning of your Facebook profiles, break out the photos, or dig into your high school yearbooks to take yourselves—and each other—on a walk down memory lane (and hopefully get answers to some crucial “What we he/she thinking?” questions).

Start a book club
Read a book, grab some wine and munchies, and share with one another what you loved and/or hated about it. Not ready to commit to anything much longer than The Cat in the Hat? Try an online article instead; websites like Longreads and Longform are some great starting points.

Learn something new
Give something—anything—you’ve been interested in a try: yoga, meditation, Irish stepdancing. You could even prepare for the aforementioned Bora Bora trip by learning a few key Tahitian phrases. Search YouTube for free instructional videos, and then host your own two-person private session.

Play a game
Break out the Guitar Hero that’s been collecting dust, and prove you’ve still got it. Or, show off your mad Scrabble skills, why you’re sure to someday win the World Series of Poker, or the reason your family despises playing you in Monopoly.

Talk about something (or nothing)
Ignore the business of your day-to-day life, and have a conversation about something neither of you has explored with the other yet. The good ol’ Internet has a plethora of conversation-starters if you need some help—we’re especially fond of this endless list of “would you rather” questions.

Do you have some creative date-night ideas you want to share? Sound off below!