Simply the Best Dime Posts of 2016: Part 2

December 30, 2016

Let’s be real: as Coloradans, we work hard and play harder. Here’s a look back at our top play-centric posts from 2016 (if you haven’t checked out the list we did for all things financial over the past year, you can read Part 1 here). Bring it on, 2017 – we’re ready for you.

#5: 6 Colorado Trail Running Spots You Need to Try
Trail running is gaining in popularity among those looking to show off by saying they ran up and down a mountain. Whether you’ve never even heard of trail running before, or you’re a pro hoping some friends will join in, this guide has some great ideas for gear and trails to get you started.

#4: How Much? The Colorado Beach Staycation for $138
Beaches in Colorado? Yes! Well…“beaches” may be a bit of a stretch, but water + sand is actually relatively easy to come by in the Centennial State. From the Denver Metro to southern Colorado, we have everything you need to make summer 2017 full of landlocked beach days.

#3: Airport Security: How to Skip the Line
Whether you’re a frequent flier, or you only travel by air maybe once or twice a year, you’ll find something you can use to make everyone’s least favorite part of air travel (the dreaded security line) bearable in our airport security guide.

#2: 7 Colorado Coffee Shops We’re Buzzed About
This post generated a lot of heated debate on Facebook about the best local coffee shops. In what will undoubtedly turn into a multi-part series on java joints from Durango to Greeley, we take a look at some of the most unique and delicious spots to grab a latte, steamer, espresso shot, or plain old cup o’ joe in Colorado.

#1: Disneyland vs. Disney World: Traveling From Colorado
If you think the biggest question is whether to jet to Florida or California, you’re in for a surprise. From hotels to attractions and transportation, this post gives you everything you need to plan the family vacation you’ve always wished upon a star for. This was, hands down, the most popular post in the history of The Dime. Clearly, we Coloradans love us some Disney theme parks. (Come on though, who doesn’t?)

Did you have a favorite travel and leisure or lifestyle-related Dime post we didn’t include here? Leave it in the comments!