Simply the Best Dime Posts of 2016: Part 1

December 29, 2016

Before we ring in 2017, let’s take a look back at our most entertaining and thought-provoking content from this year. From technology increasing its presence in our lives, to money management issues popping up where we least expect ‘em, 2016 had it all. Here are our favorite financial articles from The Dime this year:

#5: 4 Devious Ways Free Mobile Games Can Siphon Money Out of Your Bank Account
Is it still too soon to call the endless hunts for Pikachu a la “Pokémon Go” a fad? Maybe. After sweeping the nation seemingly overnight, the Japanese game—which earned praise for getting players up off the couch and out into the world—has seen its fan base level off from the fever pitch that crested over the summer. However, millions are still playing the game, and millions more play other “free” mobile games every day. But, did you know that almost all of them come with a catch? Read about how mobile games can cost you way more than time.

#4: The Taste Test Showdown: Generics vs. Name Brand
Have you ever wandered down the aisles of the grocery store and contemplated buying some of the store-brand products on the shelves? Most of us have wondered whether these “compare to enter-your-favorite-name-brand” generics are worth the substantially lower price. One of our writers put this question to the test—and brought in three generations of brave taste testers to help out.

#3: Things I Learned While Teaching My Daughter About Money
Teaching anyone about money can be tough, but kids can be especially difficult to reach. Our resident Super Dad (with help from a resilient Super Mom) endeavored to teach his daughter about the value of money. What followed was an entertaining and heartwarming guide any parent is sure to appreciate.

#2: The Top Five Biggest Credit Myths for Millennials
Credit is one of the most vexing aspects of personal finance—especially for younger adults. Myths, half-truths, and downright wrong beliefs about credit are unfortunately engrained in the minds of many Millennials. We tried to tackle some of the biggest misconceptions, and show how everyone can benefit from distinguishing myth from reality.

#1: How a Day of Skiing Nearly Cost Me $78,000
Have you ever felt tempted to take one of those timeshare seminars that offers a free trip in exchange for simply listening to a sales pitch? One of our shrewdest, hardest-to-sell writers decided a free day of skiing was worth the hassle. What followed was a brush with financial disaster.

Did you have a favorite money-related post from The Dime that we didn’t include here? Leave it in the comments!