Gift-Giving: Be All That and a Bag of Chips This Holiday Season

December 1, 2016

Are you over-gifting, overspending, or just flat out scared of where to start your holiday shopping?

Think with Google notes that 70% of people are undecided or considering multiple gift options. To get ideas, past generations used to rely on catalogs or what they saw in department store windows. But today, oversized catalogs are mocked relentlessly, and the internet is the go-to spot to browse.

To ease your web browsing, we’re offering some new ideas this gifting season. Our goal is to help you focus on what counts: showing your family and friends that you do in fact, love them, despite missing their calls, texts, snaps, and DMs from time to time.

And what better way to do that than to bring back a flood of good memories?

With inspiration from influencers, here are a few nostalgic gift-giving ways to appease the spectrum of people you love this holiday season.

When giving to your ‘rents, opt for outside or for experiences.

Who says you have to spend a lot of cash to show mom and dad you love and care about them? Focus on the foundations of your relationship and what connects you to them—you’re their flesh and blood after all. Once you narrow that down, whether it’s the love of music or cheering on your Alma mater (#skoBuffs), seek out ways to bring your mutual interests to life.

What about supporting a local artisan from the Denver Flea Market? Print out a picture to put in one of their custom-made frames. It could even be a callback to one of your favorite childhood memories, or one of the many “firsts” you experienced with their guidance. Cheering on the now nationally ranked CU Buffs doesn’t have to involve buying tickets to a game—it could be an invite to a private bowl game viewing party at your pad with a deluxe home-made Bloody Mary bar. If you’ve got youngins’, convince a sibling or friend to babysit so the time spent together will feel even more special. Connection doesn’t have to cost big bucks.

When shopping for your bestie, Backstreet’s back alright. And so are black tattoo chokers.

If you can correctly identify a CD player, Walkman, or Lance Bass, then congratulations on being a product of the '90s.

We all share fond holiday memories from that decade. We watched Clueless on VHS, and prayed Santa or Hanukkah Harry would bring us a set of Pogs. To be honest, our tastes haven't changed too much, because some gifts just never go out of style.

We’re just as guilty as you are for appreciating the designs of Lisa Frank and her fondness for scrunchies. From Clarissa Explains it All to the original Boy Meets World (what’s up Corey Mathews), growing up in the '90s was an awesome time.

There’s a huge amount of '90s inspired gifts on the web (Amazon is a goldmine) that are hilarious and cheap. Start there and send us a choker or two if you get a bundle.

If you’re a dude and your lady is hard to please, DO YOUR RESEARCH.

There are so many ways to sneak around your gal’s web browsing to find out what she is into. Has she been playing a Spotify playlist with a few bands on heavy rotation? Maybe ordering a vinyl player and their latest EP on vinyl is the right move. If you really want to tug at her heart strings, make your very own vinyl mix of songs—complete with a rad custom album cover chosen by you—that bring back memories of your time together; or upload a collection of her fav tracks from high school (if you don’t know them, best get to messaging her BFF for suggestions).

Perhaps a gift at the intersection of today and yesteryear? If you can find one, a Hatchimal will make her feel like a kid again. If you’re like we were and have no idea what these are, they’re stuffed animals that hatch, and they are incredibly popular with both kids and kids-at-heart. In fact, the top trending product search for the first two weeks of November (from Google data) includes Hatchimals.

Aim to get to the heart of what you think she expects and how you can frame it as a token of your love and appreciation of her—beyond a material possession. A nostalgic gift can amplify these feelings, and make the gesture that much more special.

As you browse around this season, there's no one perfect gift or one perfect way to shop. A common denominator we’ve observed is the power of the web to find exactly what you’re looking for. But whether you’re shopping on your iPhone or in the Apple store, using the power of nostalgia to help inform your purchases can turn a gift from "as if" to "all that."