Scare Up Halloween Fun With These 10 Last-Minute Costume Ideas

October 25, 2016

Waking in the middle of the night, feeling frightened and anxious? No, it’s not the sign of a medical condition suddenly inflicting you. These are Halloween-induced maladies, and they’re not provoked by haunted houses or scary movies. They’re the result of procrastination. Are you surprised Halloween is almost here?  Do you have completely indecisive children who have been struggling to choose which character or ghoul they’ll dress as this year?  Have no fear; the internet is here to save you. You don’t even have to do a Google search, either, because we did the initial legwork for you. Check out these great last-minute costume ideas:

The queen of DIY, Martha Stewart, has some wonderful last-minute Halloween costume ideas on her website, complete with photographs and a step-by-step guide to help you complete these simple but fantastic ideas. Our favorites:

The folks at Good Housekeeping have a list of terrific, easy-to-create costumes. These imaginative (and uncomplicated) get-ups will be sure to have your kiddo (or you!) looking great and receiving compliments aplenty:

If you have some artistic talent, or can safely operate a sewing machine, the Parenting site could be your place for inspiration. These costumes are a bit more time-intensive, but hey, you have skills. Put them into action and watch your kid’s face light up with excitement:

Having a flash of sophisticated humor (i.e. a “Wait, Halloween is TODAY?  We need a costume pronto!” moment)? Real Simple has got you covered. You probably have these items in your closet (or refrigerator) already. Procrastinators rejoice! Here are some meltdown-saving emergency plans:

Finally, you can buy a costume on Amazon, have it shipped overnight or via two-day shipping, and still have it arrive in time. Perhaps not as creative and rewarding as crafting the costume at home yourself, but your children will be decked out as their favorite cartoon character or superhero and you can avoid last minute trips to the store.

A quick stop into your local supermarket, or a few clicks online and your children can be collecting candy in no time. Sure, over-the-top, designed-in-advance costumes can inspire awe in all of us, but last-minute resourcefulness can bring enjoyment, too. And at the end of the day, isn’t Halloween all about the fun and memories?  And candy, how dare we forget the candy. Good luck!