Cheer On Your Favorite Colorado Sports Teams All Season

September 26, 2016

Colorado loves pro sports, and it's easy to see why. In the last 20 years Colorado sports teams have made it to one World Series, they've won two Stanley Cups, and hoisted the trophy after winning three Super Bowls. We’ve also witnessed two other championships in lacrosse and soccer. For a state that has a fairly good pedigree for winning, there’s no shortage for places to spend your money and see a pretty good show. That got us thinking about the best value in town when it comes to Colorado sports teams, so we took the time to break it all down for you.

Colorado Mammoth—Lacrosse

You may not know a lot about lacrosse, but the Colorado Mammoth have hoisted one championship trophy, and have twice lead the National Lacrosse League in attendance, so they’re kind of a big deal as far as Lacrosse goes. The Mammoth, like two other teams on this list, call the Pepsi Center home.  Season tickets for section 148, right behind the bench, will run you about $380 for ten games. Hot dogs are $5, soda is $5, and beer is $8. Parking at the Pepsi center varies, but the cheapest lot is $10. Pepsi Center veterans know you can typically park at nearby Auraria Campus for a little less in exchange for a longer walk. Typical per game cost for a ticket, parking, hot dog, soda, and a beer comes to about $66 per person per game. (Note: season tickets usually come at a discount as compared to purchasing a ticket on a game by game basis).

Colorado Rapids—Soccer

The typical Colorado sports fan might have played youth soccer, but typically only watch it during the World Cup. The Rapids play at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City. The stadium capacity is a little over 17,000, which translates into a pretty good view regardless of where you sit.  For season tickets for the Rapids, you can get 17 games in section 129 for $748. Parking is included in the price of the ticket, beer and soda are both $4, and a hot dog will run you $6. That leaves cost of $58 per game. If you’re a casual sports fan simply looking for a night outdoors to enjoy a game and a drink, the cost is a pretty good value, especially when you consider parking and concessions.

Colorado Rockies—Baseball

It just doesn’t feel like summer until you go to a Rockies game. Coors Field provides something worth seeing, even when the product on the field isn’t performing. There are plenty of ways to save on a trip to the old ballpark, but in order to keep the comparison apples-to-apples, let’s say you want to splurge on an infield box right behind the Rockies dugout.  Baseball has 162 regular season games, with 81 of them played at home for a total price of $3,481 per seat. Parking can vary, but season ticket holders do get a discount. Over 81 games in a season, eating a hot dog each game may be a poor choice as far as health goes, but Coors Field has a wide variety of food options.  A Rockie Dog will run you $7, and a beer and soda will be $8 and $6 respectively. That breaks down to cost of a little less than $80 per game.

Denver Nuggets—Basketball

The Nuggets have acquired a lot of exciting young players in the draft over the last couple of years, so getting in on the ground floor may be ideal. Season tickets for the Nuggets include 41 games for $4,601 in section 148 behind the team bench. Parking jumps up to about $15, and concessions should run similar to a Mammoth game. The cost is approximately $145 per game.

Colorado Avalanche—Hockey

Much to the chagrin of hockey fans, it’s been a while since our squad has made the playoffs, let alone hoisted the Lord Stanley’s Cup. Regardless of the quality of the team, few sports can dazzle you with action and speed quite like hockey.  Like the Mammoth and Nuggets, the Avs call Pepsi Center home, so you’ll find concessions and parking are similar to Nuggets games for a total of $33. Season tickets will get you 41 home games for $5,060 in section 102 behind the bench.  The cost is just slightly higher than a Nuggets game at $156 per game.

Denver Broncos—Football

The Broncos are the crown jewel of Denver sports. They are the most recent champion in the bunch, and if you listen to local sports radio, you know it’s always Broncos season in the Rocky Mountains.  Good luck getting season tickets as there is currently a waitlist of 63,000 people, or almost the capacity of another football stadium. Someone recently told us they’ve been on the list for nine years and they’re still number 23,415 on that list. It’s still possible to get tickets to all eight regular season and two preseason games, but you have to buy them one at a time.  Here is the breakdown for the upcoming season if you want to sit in the first level near the 50 yard line:

  • $93 per game for two preseason games
  • $182 per game for four “premium” games
  • $229 per game for four “marquee” games

That’s $1,830 for 10 games, and let’s be honest, you will be lucky to get them for that price. Fans typically get tickets on the “secondary market”, in which you’re likely to pay above face value.  Longstanding fans know parking secrets (even where to park for free), but in most lots near the stadium you’re looking at about $40. Beer is $8, soda is $5, and hot dogs are $6. If you’re lucky, a Broncos game will cost about $242 per game.

While nothing can match the atmosphere of a Broncos playoff game, tickets might be a bit out of reach for most fans. Those looking to spend some time at the stadium and enjoy a drink with a few thousand of their closest friends can find a lot of value at a Rapids game. If you’ve got a lot of time and money on your hands, nothing beats the Rockies for quantity (if not quality).

What’s your favorite live sports memory from a Colorado pro team? Leave it in the comments!