The Dime Roll: Library Cards, Managing Your Fears, DIY Cleaning, and More

September 23, 2016

This week on the Dime Roll we’ve got some great stuff on the topics of credit and vacation. There are so many myths about credit, and Millennials are especially susceptible; we break down some of the most common ones. Then a Colorado mom gives you some tips for traveling with small children, and how you can rent your way to a successful vacation. As always, we bring you some awesome links to personal finance experts and news from across the web (including whether Dyson’s new high-priced hair dryer is for real).

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This week on The Dime:

The Top Five Biggest Credit Myths for Millennials

Family Vacation and the Relatively Low Price of Sanity

Other great resources from around the web:

Money Saving Tips:

DIY Carpet Cleaner by Sammie B via Penny Pinchin’ Mom

10 Reasons to Have a Library Card via MoneyNing

Managing your money:

A Guide to Managing Your Fear of Money by Kristin Wong via Get Rich Slowly

Remember That Each Dollar Serves a Purpose! by J. Money via Budgets are Sexy

In the News:

Target Isn’t Going To Have Full-Service Grocery Stores by Laura Northrup via Consumerist

Dyson's $399 hairdryer: Just a lot of hot air? by Alanna Petroff via CNN Money