The Dime Roll: Money Leaks, Car Refinancing, Student Loan Forgiveness, and More

September 16, 2016

This week on the Dime Roll we’re talking sports; specifically, baseball and skiing. First, we walk you through how to take your entire family of four to the Rockies for the ridiculously low price of $43. Next, we get a head start out of the gate on ski season with some money saving tips. And, as always, we bring you some awesome links to personal finance experts and news from across the web (including an investigation into fraud allegations at a major bank).

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This week on The Dime:

How Much? Take Your Whole Family Out to the Ballgame for $43

Ski Savings: Hit the Slopes for Less in 2016

Other great resources from around the web:

Money Saving Tips:

7 Money Leaks You Need to Plug by Mikey Rox via WiseBread

Federal Student Loan Forgiveness: Four Ways to Wipe Out Your Debt via The Simple Dollar

Managing your money:

8 Reasons Your Parents Had an Easier Retirement Than You Will by Marilyn Lewis via Money Talks News

How To Refinance A Car Loan by Choncé Maddox via Money Under 30

In the News:

Feds Investigating Wells Fargo After 2 Million Fake Accounts by Ashlee Kieler via Consumerist

Opinion: Maybe a computer could replace the Fed’s Janet Yellen? by Caroline Baum via MarketWatch