Dime Product Reviews: Save Big With ThredUp

September 7, 2016

Let’s be honest. Summer in Colorado is short, so instead of dropping tons of cash on new clothes you may consider going to your favorite thrift store or consignment shop. Since most of us are crazy busy, there are a number of online options available. For this post I’d like to talk about the ins and outs of using ThredUp.com, one of the biggest online consignment shops for women.

What's your first reaction when someone talks about buying used clothing? I used to be really uneasy about the idea. I mean…who wore it before me? Fortunately I got over that squeamishness and I've saved a ton of money in the process.  ThredUp is the online thrift store for people like me who used to be a teeny tiny bit uncomfortable with the idea of buying other people’s clothes.

If you’ve never heard of ThredUp, I'd love to share some of the pros and cons of shopping on this site.


Once you land on the website, it's incredibly similar to other online shopping experiences you may have had in the past. You'll find images of current and “on” trend looks, and you have the ability to browse through nicely photographed images of each item. You can also zoom in for a closer look at the garment.

Items are reasonably priced and I’ve purchased brand new items that still had their original price tags on them on more than one occasion. All brand new items are noted on the website so buyers are aware prior to making their purchase that the item is new.

Another huge pro is the Closet Cleanout Program. ThredUp needs an endless supply of clothing in order to stay in business. so they encourages their customers to send in gently used items via the program. Users may request a Closet Cleanout bag to be sent out to them. Each bag has a prepaid shipping label and instructions on what you should or should not send in to be evaluated. Fill the bag with the items you'd like to give away and then go to your shipping company of choice to send it out. Customers will potentially receive either cash or credit towards their next purchase.

All customers are also eligible for their referral program.  If customers check their account information they'll discover a referral code that gives each person referred $10 towards their next purchase and $10 to the person who referred them. The best thing about this program is the bonus is occasionally bumped up to $20 per referral. For individuals with a ton of family or Facebook friends, this is a great way to clothe them for free.

If you love name brand bags like Coach, Michael Kors, or Kate Spade, ThredUp almost always has purses available of these kinds of brands, and you won't pay retail price.


One of the biggest cons to using ThredUp is that it’s only geared towards women and children. Sadly, guys, you’re out of luck! Currently, ThredUp does not sell men’s clothing.

Sizing is pretty accurate, but as with anything purchased online you can occasionally end up with the wrong fit. Take time to read the product description so you can avoid ordering the wrong size. There are also a number of items with European sizing. Use a conversion chart to make sure that you have the right size for the item you’re buying.

The return period is really short. You have 14 days to see if an item works for you. In order to return your items you have to go into your online portal to indicate what you’re returning and print out the shipping label. This can present a big problem if you don’t have a printer at home to print out the label.

Just like any physical thrift shop, some items are pretty fashionable, but others just…aren’t.

And unlike a physical thrift shop, while the items are affordable, you won’t find any $0.99 items for sale on this site. If you're looking for those kinds of deals, you're better off hitting up ARC or Goodwill.

Online shopping is here to stay and ThredUp has created an amazing online shopping experience that very closely mimics the experience that users have when making purchases via their favorite retailers. Give ThredUp a try and let us know what your experience is like! Send pictures of your favorite item. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Rating: 8 out of 10 Dimes