The Dime Roll: Compare Bank Accounts, Save on Engagement Rings, Video-Jackers, and More

August 12, 2016

This week in the Dime Roll we have a double dose of our “How Much?” series. First, we talk tailgating in anticipation of the upcoming football season, and then we take on how to protect your home without robbing yourself blind. Plus, as always, links to some of the best personal finance content on the internet.

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This week on The Dime:

How Much? Football Tailgating for $28 a Person

How Much? Low-Tech Home Security for $74.95

Other great resources from around the web:

Money Saving Tips:

6 Ways to Save on an Engagement Ring by Jacqueline Curtis via Money Crashers

Steak for as Little as $1? Happy National Filet Mignon Day by Karla Bowsher via Money Talks News

Managing your money:

Til Death Do Us Check? When a Joint Bank Account Makes Sense by Diane DiPiero via The Simple Dollar

High-Yield Checking Accounts—Are They Worth It? By Lauren Barret via Money Under 30

In the News:

Video-Jackers Can See Everything You Type On Your Smartphone by Mary Beth Quirk via Consumerist

Zooming past you at an airport soon: Rideable suitcases by Jeremy C. Ownes via MarketWatch