Featured Member: Heathre Palige

July 27, 2016

Today’s featured PERA member is Heathre Palige who is a 6th grade teacher at Belle Creek Charter School in Henderson, CO. She grew up in Maryland and has been a Colorado transplant since 2000 and she doesn’t plan to ever leave. Heathre is a married mother of two who has literally taught her own son when he was in her third grade class!

"I enjoy the safety of knowing I am building a retirement cushion when I finish teaching!"

She is an alumni of both Chaminade and Cappella University and has been teaching for 16 years. On PERA, she says she "appreciates getting updates on her account regularly by mail and the safety of knowing she’s building a retirement cushion when she finishes teaching." Her best savings advice is to setup an automatic transfer to a savings or investment account so you don't forget to put money to the side. In her free time she enjoys running 5K races, volunteering and reading. When she retires, she hopes to fill her time gardening, traveling the world and spending time with her future grandchildren.

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