How Much? Make a Splash at Water World for $167

July 18, 2016

As we’ve already covered, Colorado has a few surprises for those that want to make a splash in our landlocked state. Water World, just north of Denver is one of those pleasant surprises that gives Coloradans the chance to slip, slide, ride and enjoy the hot Colorado summer weather. Water World is owned by the Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District and opened in 1979 and features over 49 attractions. Water World goes to great lengths to make sure you have fun at an affordable price and all requires from you is a little planning.

Fantastic Voyage

Water World is located in Federal Heights, just north of Denver making it almost a full day’s drive away for those in Southern Colorado.  Year after year, the park is listed as one of the best water parks in the country, so it may be worth the ride for many Coloradans. If you’re coming from more than 5-hours away, plan a fuel budget of roughly $70 and don’t worry about parking because it’s free.

Aqua Accommodations

If you are coming from a far distance and need to stay the night (or several), Water World offers special rates and lodging packages at a few area hotels. The Water World package at the Double Tree in Westminster includes tickets for four, a complimentary shuttle to and from the park, and free breakfast. At the Embassy Suites in Southeast Denver, you get tickets for two but no shuttle. Of course you may do better planning everything separately but this is a good place to start to get a baseline on prices.

Taking the Dive

There are many ways to save at Water World, almost too many to list. Basic tickets are available for full days, mid-days and with all-you-can-eat dining additions. If you live close by, the less expensive mid-day ticket is your first cost saving option that can shave off about $13 per ticket if you don’t mind coming around 2 p.m.

If going the mid-day route is not for you, check out the long list of discounts available on their promotions page and find the deal that works for you. The have military discounts, resident discounts for those that live in the area of the park, and online ticket specials. Aside from those deals, you can get coupons at Subway, Sports Clips, on marked Pepsi products or by donating a canned food item for 9 Cares, Colorado Shares at the coupon booth near the ticket windows. Bottom line, if you can’t find a way to save a few bucks on admission, you’re just not trying.

Water World also offers corporate or organizational discounts, so check with your employer, school, or other organization to see if they have a discount in place. Premier Members Credit Union offers discounted tickets to its members as does the University of Colorado and University of Northern Colorado Alumni Associations, which both offer $11 off general admission tickets.

There’s also the season pass option for those that plan to visit multiple times. Water World doesn’t close until September 5th, giving you plenty of time to get in several visits if you don’t live too far away. The season pass pays for itself after 3 visits and has other discounts built in like a 20% discount on all food, merchandise and other services as well as $10 off tickets if you bring a friend.

Poolside Provisions

Water World has plenty of food options from burgers to burritos to pizza with an average price of $9 a meal. If you have a hungry group consider going with the Pharaoh’s Feast deal that gives you all-day dining and drinks for $15.99 for adults and $13.99 for children.

There’s also the option to bring your own picnic lunch and factory sealed beverages into the park. It appears that as long as the food is already cooked (no grills allowed) the sky is the limit to what you can bring to eat which can definitely be a money saver.

BYOSS or Bring Your Own Swimming Stuff

You can buy swimsuits, aqua socks, towels, sunglasses and all kinds of other things at the Water World shops in the park. Although it can be tempting to grab a few convenience items from these shops, at $8-$16 for a towel for example, your wallet or purse will take a beating doing a lot of shopping here. The best tip is to plan ahead and pack for your day of fun accordingly.

Final Tally (family of 4 coming from South Denver-metro area)

Fantastic Voyage: Shooting up 25 from South Denver runs about - $10

Aqua Accommodations: No need for an overnight stay- $0

Taking the Dive: Taking advantage of the King Soopers Family 4-pack that includes tickets and a family sized pizza meal for - $147

Poolside Provisions:  Bringing a small cooler with water and snacks and the family 4-pack covers our lunch for the day- $10

BYOSS: Definitely packing all my own stuff in lieu of purchasing items there. Good thing we have everything we need already from towels to coolers to sunscreen - $0

Total - $167

Did we miss something or do you have a way to cut cost even more? Throw your tips in the comment section.