3 Household Management Apps to Organize Your Life

July 7, 2016

If you are anything like my husband and I you are always looking for ways to streamline chores, communicate better and just stay connected!  My husband and I have a great relationship, don’t get me wrong, but you can only ask for the trash to be taken out so many times.  And it is oh so easy to forget that one thing at the grocery store without a good list not to mention how easy it is to lose a paper list. The last time we tried to use a paper list my husband lost it not once, not twice but three times while we were shopping…  there’s nothing like wasting time retracing your steps to find your list. Don’t even get me started on double booking our time!  But fortunately these days, there are all sorts of tools to help manage your household. My husband and I have been testing apps for years and here are a few of our favorites, give them a try, they might just help you feel more in control and connected to your family!


Avocado is great app for couples to stay connected. You can share lists, calendars and photos within the app. The app also has a messaging feature. From a phone, the messaging feature isn’t any more helpful than other messaging apps you may be using but what is nice about the messaging feature is that you can login from a computer and instant message from there. So one person can be communicating from a phone and the other from a computer, it isn’t a groundbreaking concept or anything but it is a nice option.  The calendar feature is very nice and easy to use, plus you can connect your Google calendar making all of your events and appointments easy to find in one place. You are limited to 5 lists with the free version but depending on your needs that may be enough. You can upgrade to the full version for $2 a month or $14.99 for a year and that allows you to create unlimited lists and share unlimited photos all of which are immediately available to your spouse. You can turn on and off push notifications or set it up where all of your notifications run through the messaging feature. I think my favorite thing about Avocado is that it sends you a notification when your partner’s phone battery is low. Meaning that if your husband is anything like mine, i.e. bad at charging his phone, you can get a heads up that his phone is about to die, that way you aren’t left thinking he is ignoring you or worse that something bad happened!


Wunderlist, like its name implies, is wonderful for sharing lists. The app itself is super easy to use and although I don’t love all of their icons, I do love that you can change the theme. One of my favorite features of Wunderlist is that you can share lists with anyone who has the app. This allows my husband and I to share grocery lists and to do lists while my mom and I share holiday planning lists. You can add multiple people to the same lists and everything updates in real time. If you use Wunderlist for to-do’s you can assign them to people and add due dates, you can even set up reminders that will only notify the person assigned to that item. Not only can you add due dates but you can add notes, pictures or documents. So if you are like me and can never remember what type of toothpaste you use you can snap a picture to remind yourself at the grocery store. With this feature, I can also send my husband to the store and know he is buying the right product. It is also great for to-do lists to be able to add documents or notes that are important to the project. You can even search your lists for keywords or tags. You can also organize lists with folders and subtasks so you can use Wunderlist as a lifestyle project management tool as well.


Cozi is great if you are looking to organize your whole family. This app has a lot of features and is a bit more of a commitment than just lists and calendars. While you can share lists and calendars with Cozi you can also share family journals and recipes. You can do fun things with your lists on Cozi such as check, uncheck or clear entire lists at once or send a list via email. You have organizational options and everything is easy to see in the “Cozi Today” section. The shared calendar feature allows you to avoid double booking your family and maintains everyone’s schedule all in one place. Many of the features are limited though unless you upgrade to Cozi Gold which is $19.99 for the year. The Cozi Gold version covers your whole family and every device and you can customize your theme, share contacts and birthdays. It is great to be able to share contacts, that way everyone has Aunt Suzie’s phone number and even your husband can call the dentist because he doesn’t need you to share the number.  While you can share calendars with the free version you cannot use the month view of the calendar unless you upgrade. Other upgraded features include multiple reminders, more notification options and a “Shopping Mode”. Shopping Mode is probably my favorite feature of Cozi! Shopping Mode brings your list to a full screen view that won’t dim or rotate even if you put your phone in your pocket!