The Dime Roll: Bills You Can Negotiate, TSA PreCheck, Stores That Pay You, and More

June 3, 2016

This week on the Dime we brought you a guide to upcoming Colorado beer festivals, a guest post on how to find the best online shopping deals, and some practical (but still cool) high school and college graduation gift ideas. As always, we also have some of the best personal finance content and news from across the web. Enjoy!

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This week on The Dime:

Beer Festival Fun is Brewing in Colorado

Nevermind the Store: How to Find the Best Shopping Deals Online

5 Gifts Grads Need (And Will Actually Use)

Other great resources from around the web:

Money Saving Tips:

The 6 Monthly Telecom Bills You Can Negotiate by Kyle James via Wise Bread

7 Stores that Pay You to Bring a Reusable Bag by Melissa Neiman via Money Talks News

Managing your money:

5 Times You Shouldn’t Take Money From Family by Thursday Bram via Money Ning

When Does it Make Sense to Refinance Your Student Loans? by Holly Johnson via The Simple Dollar

In the News:

Would You Sign Up for TSA PreCheck if it Was Cheaper? by Mary Beth Quirk via Consumerist

Did Deutsche Bank Help Jay Z Hide His Drug Money? Jayson Derrick via Benzinga