The Dime Roll: Money After Marriage, Teaching Finance With Candy, and Travel Apps

October 23, 2015

This week, The Dime Roll brings you tips on handling finances after marriage, tech tips with podcasts and apps, and holiday ideas to save (and teach) about money. Who knew you could learn about finance through your Halloween loot!

This week on The Dime:

Why You Shouldn't Save for Retirement

Cheap Ways to Walk Like A Zombie This Halloween


Don't miss the great info we found from the Web:

Money Mangement

Opening a Joint Bank Account & Merging Finances After Marriage – Pros & Cons by Brian Martucci via Money Crashers

5 Debt and Saving Tips for 20-Somethings by Autumn Cafiero Giusti via Bankrate


Tech Savvy Tips

The 5 Best Money Podcasts by Amanda Meadows via Wisebread

11 Travel Apps for Your Next Vacation by Natasha Burton via Marketwatch


Holiday Help

7 Ways to Cut Down on Holiday Gift-Giving by Teresa Mears via U.S. News and World Report

6 Financial Lessons Your Kids Can Learn From Halloween by Sabah Karimi via U.S. News and World Report