The Dime Roll: Pro Athletes as Investors, Unique Holiday Saving Tips, and More

October 16, 2015

This week on the Dime Roll, we bring you unique saving tips for the holidays (let's just move the day we exchange gifts), how not to invest like a pro athletes, and myths about living green. Check it out!


This week on the Dime:

Utilizing the Past in Planning for the Future

Halloween Fun on a Budget


Plus, these great posts from the Web:

Money Management:

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Money Saving Tips:

7 Uncommon Ways to Save for the Holidays by Ana Gonzalez Ribeiro via Bankrate

5 Ways to Save Money During Retirement by Ryan Guina via U.S. News & World Report


Food for Thought:

Being a Pro Athlete Made Me a Terrible Investor by Drew Housman via The Simple Dollar

10 Major Myths About Living Green by Dana Dratch via Bankrate