Higher Education, Colorado-Style: Interesting Degree Programs Worth a Look

May 27, 2015

Whether you wish to move up or into your desired career field, certificates and degrees can have a role in making that possible. These academic programs are a perfect fit in Colorado.

Applied Craft Brewing
Undergraduate Certificate – Regis University

This year-long program is the only one of its kind in the Denver metro area. Anyone interested in learning how to produce beer, or those working in the industry who want to learn additional skills, are encouraged to apply. Students will complete an internship at one of the breweries in the region.

Fermentation Science and Technology
Bachelor’s Degree – Colorado State University

The Fermentation Science and Technology program at Colorado State University is more than just learning how to make beer. The program equips new graduates with the knowledge to apply the fermenting process to cheese, bread, beer and a variety of other foods as well as understanding their health benefits. Graduates gain critical business knowledge by learning how to navigate the different markets that provide fermented food and beverages.

Outdoor Recreation Leadership
Associate’s Degree – Colorado Mountain College

Graduates of this program are prepared to become adventure travel planners, wilderness instructors and seek other outdoor-related professions. Students spend a significant portion of their time exploring the surrounding mountains while learning about environmental stewardship, business and management principles, and many other topics that can lead to exciting careers all over the world. Graduates receive certification in Wilderness First Responder, Avalanche Forecasting, Leave No Trace, and Swift Water Rescue.

Professional Fly Fishing Guide 
Undergraduate Certificate – Colorado Mountain College

For those interested in becoming a Fly Fishing Guide, this six-week summer program provides graduates with the certification to work as a Fly Fishing Guide or the knowledge to start their own Fly Fishing Guide business. Classes take place at CMC’s Steamboat Springs and Leadville campuses with students practicing their skills on the Arkansas River.

Ski Area Operations 
Associate’s Degree - Colorado Mountain College

CMC offers several winter recreation related programs ranging from ski and snowboard marketing media management to slopes and trail maintenance. The Ski Area Operations degree is earned at CMC’s Leadville campus, which puts you within shouting range of several world-class ski resorts. Graduates walk away with a diverse set of skills that will help them in their career in the mountain resort industry.

Various Courses
Mountain Club

While not an academic institution in the same sense as the others on this list, the Colorado Mountain Club is a popular organization in Colorado for people that wish to learn how to safely engage in recreational mountain activities. The CMC in conjunction with the Boulder Mountaineering School offers courses in backpacking, ice climbing, avalanche identification and rescue, and several others.

What other Colorado-centric degree programs have you heard about?