Yoga on a Budget: How to Clear Your Mind and Tone Your Body for Less

May 19, 2015

Yoga provides a fantastic way to work out your body as well as your mind. However, like buying organic groceries and going on vacations, things that are good for us tend to be more expensive than their alternatives. When I began investigating yoga studios, I balked at the price of classes. Compared to my monthly gym membership, it was exorbitant. However, after talking to people who practice yoga and scrounging the internet for deals on classes, I found that yoga does not have to be expensive.

Below are some affordable ways you can hop on your mat and begin your yoga journey.

New Student Memberships and Classes

A lot of yoga studios offer a ‘new student membership’ for first timers to their studio. The rate is substantially discounted from their regular monthly membership and usually available for the first month. If you wish to continue attending the studio, then you’ll pay the regular price after the first month.

If the studio does not offer a discounted month for new students, they may offer the first class or first several classes either at a discount or at no cost. Consider this their version of a ‘try before you buy.’ It’s a good idea to call ahead if you plan on dropping in.

Both of these opportunities will allow you to see if you like the atmosphere, classes, teachers, etc. before you purchase more classes or a full-fledged membership.

Work Trade or Karma Yoga

A little known fact is that you can receive a heavily discounted or free membership to a studio if you clean the studio or can offer other services like IT or graphic design. You may have to wait your turn though. I know of people who have done work trade, and there was a line of people that were waiting for them to give up their spot.

Free Days

Studios sometimes offer classes at no charge if a student or recent graduate of a yoga training program is teaching the class. There are also studios that hold classes for free during special events such as First Friday. The key is to reserve your space before it fills up.

Discounted Memberships

At some studios, if you are a teacher, military personnel, full time student or over 55, you can receive a discounted membership. If you’re not one of the above, ask if where you work or your job title allow you to receive a discounted membership.

Meetup Groups

If you’re not familiar with, it’s a website that allows you to meet people that share your interests. Denver being a fit-savvy city, there are too many yoga Meetup groups to mention. Find one near you and go. Some are free while others ask for a donation. It’s a great way to get outside, meet new people and explore your city.

Discount and Coupon Websites

If you plan on attending yoga class every day of the week, it may make sense to purchase a monthly membership. If you don’t go daily, buying a class package might make more financial sense. On sites like Livingsocial and Groupon, if you’re diligent or just lucky, you can find great deals on yoga classes. For example, where a drop-in rate for a class might be $15, a Groupon deal I recently found was 10 classes for $62, which works out to $6.20 per class.

Do you have suggestions we may have missed? Leave them in the comments section!