The Dime Roll: Wedding Gifts, Money Myths, Science of Shopping, & More

April 17, 2015

This week on The Dime Roll we have tips for cutting the cost of wedding presents, help for when your health insurance company won't pony up the dough, and much more. Check it out.

This Week on The Dime: 

Services You Didn’t Know Your Local Library Offered

Why I Made a Life Plan, Not a Retirement Plan

Wedding Planning? Don’t Let It Bankrupt You

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Money Saving Tips:
Money-Saving Tips for Buying the Best Wedding Gifts by Andrea Woroch via NewJerseyBride
With 7+ weddings to attend this spring and summer, my wallet is feeling the pressure. This post is full of some great tips to lessen the burden.

DIY Car Maintenance Every Adult Should Know by Lou Carlzo via MoneyUnder30
Before you take your car to the mechanic and pay a hefty bill, consider doing a few of these maintenance tasks on your own.

Smart Ways to Trim Your Water Bill This Spring by Luke Mullins and Kimberly Palmer via US News Money
Water bills tend to peak in the warmer months, but there are ways to combat the impact on your budget. Here are a few.

Money Management:
When Your Health Insurer Won’t Pay by Kimberly Lankford via Kiplinger
Health insurance can be a huge headache to deal with – especially when you’re suddenly slammed with a bill for something you thought was covered. If you’re facing a similar situation, read this.

Back in Debt? Here’s How to Pay It Off for Good by Carrie Smith via Wisebread
Debt can be a pesky bugger, returning periodically even when you thought you had it under control. Here are some tips for saying goodbye once and for all.

5 Common Money Myths – Debunked by Liz Weston via DailyWorth
Before you opt to pay your mortgage off as quickly as possible or DIY to save a few bucks, read this.

Food For Thought:
The Secret Science of Shopping: Why We Buy What We Do by Belle Beth Cooper via PickCrew
You may think you are in charge of your purchases, but you’re likely being manipulated in a plethora of ways. This post is fascinating and definitely worth a read.

Financial Advice from a NFL Player Whose Mom Demanded He Give Her $1 Million by Steven Kutz via MarketWatch
NFL players may bring in the big bucks while they’re on the field, but many file for bankruptcy once they leave the sport – except for this player who managed to turn it around before it was too late.