The Dime Roll: Teacher Bloggers, World Travel, Creating a Financial Plan, & More

April 10, 2015

Whether you're wondering if you should shell out extra for that warranty or how to travel the world without obliterating your budget, we've got you covered with this week's Dime Roll!

This Week on The Dime: 

This Is Why Your Budget Doesn’t Work

Can They Get Away With That?

Cohabitating Before the Ring: Covering Your Financial Bases      

And other awesome content across the World Wide Web:

Money Saving Tips:
4 Warranties That Aren’t Worth It by Damian Davila via Wisebread
Before you shell out extra for that added warranty, make sure it’s not more expensive than it’s worth, or that your credit card doesn’t already cover that product.

21 Fabulous DIY Blogs to Spark Your Creativity and Help You Save Money by Marian Schembari via ThePennyHoarder
Looking for ways to tap into your creative side? Check out these awesome DIY blogs that have a wide range of projects to tackle.

How to Travel the World for Practically Nothing by Fiona Moriarty via TheBrokeAndBeautifulLife
Travel can be extremely expensive – unless you know a few workarounds that can cut costs substantially. Here are a few.

Money Management:
E-Wallet Coming of Age: What’s Up With 5 Mobile Payment Apps by Josie Rubio via MoneyTalksNews
I haven’t jumped on the mobile payment bandwagon yet, but apparently it’s the wave of the future. If you’re considering making the switch, here are your options.

How Much Should You Spend on a House? by Nancy Mann Jackson via DailyWorth
It’s always confusing to know how much to spend on a house when you get conflicting information from various sources. This post helps simplify the topic.

The 1-Page Financial Plan: 10 Tips for Getting What You Want From Life by Laura Shin via Forbes
Finances are usually seen as overly complicated – until they are simplified like one author was able to do in his new book. This article offers a snippet of some very useful money management tips.

Food For Thought:
‘Google it!’ Internet searches make us think we’re smarter than we really are by Maren Shapiro via Today
Ever since Google became a verb, we’ve all become accustomed to looking up information on a daily basis. But new studies show this actually inflates how smart we think we are.

Live From Small Town America: Teachers Who Blog to Stay in Touch by Jasmine Garsd via nprEd
For teachers in small towns across the United States, collaborating and exchanging ideas can sometimes be hard to do. That’s why many are turning to blogging to share their ideas and interact with other educators.