The Dime Roll: Airline Partnerships, Mortgage Rates, Minimalism, & More

March 13, 2015

Making a retirement plan, scoring the best mortgage rate, tax deductions for 20-somethings -- find these topics and many more in this week's Dime Roll.

This Week on The Dime: 

Sick of Renting? Read this.

Survivor Benefits Bring Security, Stability After Tragic Accident

From Survival Mode to Financial Independence: Where Do You Stand?    

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Money Saving Tips:
Exercise Your Right to Negotiate at the Gym by Diane DiPiero via TheSimpleDollar
Ready to get in shape for the warmer weather? Gym prices might not be set in stone and negotiating can take a big chunk out of membership costs.

How Airline Partnerships Can Supercharge Your Travel Rewards by Jason Steele via Wisebread
If you have airline miles just waiting to be redeemed, make sure you’re educated on alliances and partnerships which might give you access to even more airlines and destinations.

How You can Score the Best Rate on a Mortgage by TheAssociatedPress via DailyFinance
Small differences in mortgage terms can make a huge impact over time. Make sure you know how to get the best rate before you sign on the dotted line.

Money Management:
Written Plans for Retirement Are Better Motivators by John Manganaro via Plansponsor
Studies show having a formal written plan can help retirement savers save more and be better prepared in the long run. So if you haven’t written down YOUR plan, now is the time.

Beyond FICO: Guess Who Else Is Scoring You? by Ed Leefeldt via MoneyTalksNews
A few years ago I was told by my insurance company my rates would be increasing due to a change in my credit score. Little did I know, the score my insurance company was using had nothing to do with the FICO score I was seeing.

10 Tax Deductions for 20-Somethings by Suba Iyer via GetRichSlowly
If you haven’t tackled your taxes yet, make sure you take advantage of these tax deductions.

Food For Thought:
How Your Net Worth is Affected By Self-worth by Amanda Abella via MoneyUnder30
Your net worth isn’t just impacted by your earnings, your self-worth often dictates how well you think you can do – and how well you do as a result.

3 Truths About Minimalism + The 30-Day Challenge to Get Started by Cait Flanders via BlondeOnABudget
If you’re looking to life a more meaningful life not tied to having more things, read this post. It’s an inspiring look at what it means to reconnect with what really speaks to you.