The Dime Roll: Money Scripts, Credit Card Secrets, Daylight Savings, & More

March 6, 2015

This week on The Dime Roll, we have everything from how to cut the cost of your cellphone bill to signs you should drop your financial advisor. Take a minute to check out all the awesome content.

This Week on The Dime: 

No Day is Typical: What It’s Like to Be a School Psychologist

The High Cost of Entertainment: Biggest Box Office Flops (and Successes) of All Time

The Real Risk in Retirement Savings   

And other awesome content across the World Wide Web:

Money Saving Tips:
You Credit Card’s Best-Kept Secrets by Nancy Mann Jackson via Dailyworth
Did you know your credit card might offer price matching or extended warranties? Find out what else might be covered with the card you already have.

What to Buy at RadioShack While Supplies Last by Cameron Huddleston via Kiplinger
RadioShack’s future looks rocky at best, so before they close their doors, you might want to take advantage of these great buys.

How to Cut Your Cellphone Bill in Half by Kristin Wong via Bankrate
Sick of paying an arm and a leg for your cellphone service? You might want to look into these alternative plans instead.

Money Management:
Denied a Mortgage? Here’s How to Fix It Fast by Mikey Rox via Wisebread
If you’ve been denied a mortgage, take a deep breath – it might not be as dire of a situation as you think. Check out these tips.

Take These Steps to Deal With Massive Student Loan Debt by Kristin Kuchar via TheSimpleDollar
Overwhelmed by the size of your student loan debt? You certainly aren’t alone. This post offers plenty of good advice for tackling your debt.

8 Warning Signs You Need to Fire Your Financial Advisor by Jeff Rose via GoodFinancialCents
Not all financial advisors have your best interest in mind. Before you hand over your hard earned money, make sure you don’t see any of these red flags.

Food For Thought:
Ready to Spring Ahead? Tips for Coping With Daylight Savings Time by Jim Gold via MoneyTalksNews
I, for one, am thrilled about the time change. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t throw everything a little out of whack. These tips can help.

Which Money Script Do You Live By? by Luke Landes via ConsumerismCommentary
Why do we approach our finances and think about money in such drastically different ways even if we all have access to the same information? Our personal money scripts. Find out how these might be dictating why your finances look the way they do.