The Dime Roll: President's Day Sales, Best Investments, Payday Loans & More

February 13, 2015

Ready for your weekly fix of personal finance knowledge? This week we found great articles on things to scope out at President's Day sales, how to buy new appliances, and investment tips from some awesome (and successful) personal finance bloggers. Check it out.

This Week on The Dime: 

Where to Get Your Chocolate Fix in Colorado

Stop! Before You File Your Taxes, This Is What You Need to Know

Feeling Under the Weather? Try These Home Remedies

And other awesome content across the World Wide Web:

Money Saving Tips:
How to Get the Best Deal When Buying New Appliances by Ashley Eneriz via MoneyNing
Appliances – especially the most high end models – are not a tiny purchase to make. This post is full of unique money saving ideas you probably hadn’t considered.

Best Buys During 2015 Presidents’ Day Sales by Cameron Huddleston via Kiplinger
If you’re in need of winter clothes or a new mattress, this is the time to pounce. Find out what else you can score a deal on.

These 22 Cars Are the Most Economical to Own by Catey Hill via MarketWatch
In the market for a new car? This list gives a 5-year cost to own breakdown of the most economical cars in America.

Money Management:
Hidden Advantages of Savings Accounts by William Cowie via GetRichSlowly
Savings accounts today certainly don’t have the interest rates they once had, but don’t discount them just yet. If you’re new to socking away money, it’s a great place to start.

10 Financial Bloggers’ Best Investments – Ever by Jeff Rose via DailyFinance
There’s something powerful about learning from the past triumphs and failures of others – especially when it comes to investing. Don’t miss this post, the wide range in answers in fascinating.

3 Key Things Mortgage Lenders Are Looking For by Pat Mertz Esswein via Kiplinger
Looking to buy a home? Get started by understanding exactly what mortgage lenders are looking for and how you’ll stack up.

Food For Thought:
New Findings About Kids and Money That Your School Can’t Ignore by Dan Kadlec via TimeMoney
The correlation between personal finance classes in school and money management behaviors later on used to be sketchy – until a recent study. This could drastically change the debate.

The $46 Billion Payday Lending Industry Is In For a Big Blow by Mandi Woodruff via YahooFinance
We wrote about the strides Colorado was taking to combat the payday loan industry, but it looks like reforms may be spreading.