Feeling Under the Weather? Try These Home Remedies

February 11, 2015

A hundred years ago, people relied on home remedies that their grandmother “cooked up” or had been used as traditional reliefs. Homeopathic and natural remedies may lack the scientific proof for efficacy, but they can sure make you feel better.

Before we go deeper into this conversation, no illness should be taken lightly and medical attention should not be avoided.  As a matter of fact, getting the medical diagnosis or examination from a licensed health care professional can help us to understand the seriousness of a condition from which we can make informed choices about how we need to treat it.  If you elect homeopathic remedies and symptoms do not lessen in a reasonable period, additional medical care should be sought.  Caution should be taken to understand possible interactions of homeopathic remedies when combined with modern prescription medications of any kind.

I may just be old enough to have received homeopathic remedies in the “Dark Ages” of my childhood.  I can recall having camphor-based products rubbed on my chest at night to relieve the stuffiness of a cold.  The vapors made me feel like I could breathe easier and the compound felt warming. Camomile-based tea was soothing and calming, as well as hydrating at bedtime. And of course that spoonful of honey dropped in the tea was an incentive to actually drink it.

My team member, Amanda, who knows everything about everything, offered these remedies:

A recipe for that pesky sore throat

Grab the jello! Mix your favorite flavor but instead of chilling it, heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds then add 1 teaspoon of honey. Experts say the warm gelatin will coat and soothe your throat and the honey's antimicrobial properties will help kill bacteria.

Try a detox bath with household ingredients

Check out this article outlining the benefits of a “detox bath” for cold or  flu symptoms using common household ingredients.  Ok, think about this one.  You feel miserable, stuffed up, and may have the chills related to your cold.  A hot, steamy bath is a prescription for soothing the aches and opening nasal passages.  The relaxation preceeding jumping out of the tub and into bed will probably lull you to sleep immediately.

Or homemade “Vicks Shower Disks” knockoffs for shower devotees

If you want your relief standing up, beingfrugalbychoice.com may be your ticket to opening the sinuses.  The steam of the shower combined with the essential oils will clear the head, warm you up, and get you ready for a well-deserved night’s sleep.

Lastly, I needed guidance for her sinus infection prescription.  Seriously -- I had to ask whether to drink it, flush the nasal passages, or just soak in it!  Folks, it is meant to be drunk.  The concoction is made of the following:

  • 2TBS Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1TBS Honey
  • Combine in 8oz of water (hot preferably) and drink it 3 times a day.

And, you know the best medicine is plenty of fluids and plenty of rest. For more tips, check this out: 18 Helpful Remedies to Relieve Headache Pain & Tension

I hope you avoid the unpleasantness of feeling under the weather this winter.  In the meanwhile, I’m looking for you to tell me what you rely upon to get you through the common cold.  And, I already know about the Food Channel’s recipe for hot toddys.

Leave a comment below about what your mother or grandmother prescribed.