Where to Get Your Chocolate Fix in Colorado

February 10, 2015

I think it’s safe to say the majority of people like chocolate. How they like their chocolate might differ greatly, but overall it’s a big winner when it comes to treats and gifts. What people may not know is there are many great chocolatiers all over Colorado and they offer some of the highest end confections that will make your mouth water. There are the well-known locals like Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and Enstrom, but what about the lesser-known ones? Some companies like Boulder based Chocolove that sell their products wholesale at coffee shops and local grocers, but there are also some that have store-fronts and feature an array of chocolate treats for you to enjoy. Check out some of these local gems.

Chocolate Therapist
Feeling guilty about your sweet tooth? The Chocolate Therapist wants to teach you the health benefits of dark chocolate -- all while satisfying your sweet tooth. They not only offer a wide variety of homemade flavors and specialized chocolate treats, they host tastings where you can try both wine and beer. The educated host of the tastings takes you through the process of making chocolate, then explains the different tastes you can get from mixing the drink with the treat. They also offer coffee options and different ways you can take your chocolate and reap the benefits of the cacao bean.

Roberta’s has been serving specialty chocolates since 1995. The popular local confectioner is ready to serve an every day treat or a holiday themed specialty. They have the ability to make custom orders and most importantly… there is a Bacon button. You read it right -- bacon. Bacon flavored truffles, oreo and bacon dipped in chocolate, and even just straight up bacon dipped in chocolate amongst other choices. There’s really not much more to say because....bacon.

Animas Chocolate Company
Animas Chocolate Company found the way to get the best of both worlds. They not only have a shop, but they have a variety of small business that carry their chocolates. Serving eastern Colorado since 2011, they have everything from coffee and truffles  to custom made chocolate bars. And, according to the their website, “Just like rivers, they are rated by class (1= easy, mellow, good for anyone, clear up to class 5=adventurous, dangerous, not for the faint of heart).” So if you like a little heat in your chocolates, you might want to check them out.

Ziva doesn’t have a store front to shop from but they need to be mentioned for a few reasons. They can make almost any custom chocolate for an event, including weddings. What could make your day more unique than custom chocolates for your big day? They too have a bacon line but what sets them apart from everyone else is their connection with Breckenridge Bourbon. Offering three varieties with the specialty bourbon infused chocolate, you’d be a fool to miss out.

Piece, Love, and Chocolate
This shop offers everything. They not only have gourmet chocolates, but they also offer hot and cold specialty chocolate beverages. They are there for all of your wedding needs, including ornate cakes for the big day. Check out some of their cooking classes or other special events. PLC also is one of the few chocolatiers who offer vegan and gluten free options -- something that those with dietary issues can really sink their teeth into.  They have something for everyone and won’t disappoint.

Mouse’s Chocolate and Coffee
Mouse’s offers a wide assortment of chocolate treats from truffles to toffee. They serve house roasted coffee and homemade cookies. Live too far away? Not a problem! Join their Chocolate of the Month or Cookie of the Month clubs. Their scrap cookies are sugar cookies with “scraps” of their different chocolate concoctions mixed in. What could be better?

What is just favorite local place to get your chocolate fix?