The Dime Roll: Drugstore Bargains, Insurance Perks, Society of Grownups and More

February 6, 2015

Ready to brush up on what's happening in the personal finance world? Check out the great posts we found this week.

This Week on The Dime: 

 Is Teaching a Lifelong Career? Not Always.

Save Your Waistline and Your Wallet. Here’s How.

Do You Actually Know How Your Investments Are Doing?   

And other awesome content across the World Wide Web:

Money Saving Tips:
8 Ways to Make the Most of Thrift Store Finds by Jacqueline Curtis via Money Crashers
Don’t take all thrift store finds at face value. This post is full of ways to breathe new life into these much cheaper threads.

The 10 Best Bargains at Drugstores by Stacy Johnson via MoneyTalksNews
I admit I hardly ever set foot into drugstores simply because I thought they were more expensive than anywhere else. This post made me think twice about that assumption.

The 7 Perks Hiding in Your Insurance Policy by Geoff Williams via DailyFinance
Did you know that your insurance company might pay to replace a car seat if you’ve been involved in an accident? Check out what other perks might be hiding in the fine print.

Money Management:
The Many Different Types of Investments and How They Work by Kristin Wong via TwoCents
Ready for a little brush up on the basics? Get the low down on different types of investments, how they work, and how they can serve you.

President Obama’s 2016 Budget Targets Retirement Accounts by Jeffrey Levine via MarketWatch
The President’s 2016 budget was released this week with some interesting suggested changes to retirement accounts. If you missed it, you’ll want to check this out.

What Married Taxpayers Lose By Filing Separately by Lisa Hay via Betterment
Deciding whether you should file your taxes jointly or separately from your spouse? Make sure you fully understand what the implications are.

Food For Thought:
How Uber’s Autonomous Cars Will Kill 10 Million Jobs, Reshape Economy by Zack Kanter via MSNMoney
After reading this article, I still cannot wrap my head around the concept of a self-driving car. But apparently it might not be as far away as we think.

Where Millennials Learn About Money Over Plates of Chocolate Mousse With Ginger Cream by Elizabeth Segran via FastCompany
I am one of those millennials whose age is clearly in the “grownup range,” but who doesn’t always feel fully equipped to handle financial “grownup things.” So this new supper club aptly called the Society of Grownups is awesome – it teaches money management in a place you wouldn’t mind going on a Friday night. (Seriously.)