Savings Touchdown: Host a Super Bowl Party on a Budget

January 29, 2019

If this year's Super Bowl LIII is anything like the Super Bowls of years past, more than a third of Americans will be tuning in on Sunday, February 3, to see the Los Angeles Rams face off against the New England Patriots. Many of them will likely be either attending or hosting a Super Bowl party, and for those in the latter group, organizing a party will set them back some $207, according to a survey of 1,000 people who planned to hold such an event in 2018. Of that, over a third (35%) will go toward food and non-alcoholic beverages, and 28% will be spent on alcohol.

While it would be great to party like an athlete on February 3rd, most consumers are still reeling from holiday spending and trying to catch up on credit card bills. Happily, even those on a tight budget can score big without penalizing their pocketbooks. Read on for tips for hosting a Super Bowl party on a budget.

Create A Game Plan

How many people are coming to your party? Are kids or pets included? Any dietary restrictions you should know about? Put together a game plan so there are no surprises during your event. If you haven’t already, send out e-vites or Facebook invitations to spread the word and get RSVPs before you head to the store. Punchbowl offers a great variety of free e-cards for fans of both teams!

Coordinate A Handoff

Now that you have a plan in place, reach out to party attendees and ask for potluck contributions. Everyone has their favorite game-day dish, and this is a great way to try something new while also keeping costs down. If you prefer to provide all the provisions yourself, stick to finger foods and main courses that are easy to consume one-handed. Ask guests to bring a beverage to share so you can focus your efforts (and your budget) on food.

Strengthen Your Defense

Nearly 20 million fans will stock up on either Rams swag or Patriots gear to show their support. Avoid paying premium prices for team apparel and decor at specialty sports shops and hit up department stores instead. For example, you can find apparel for both teams at Kohl’s for less than $50, plus save an extra 15 percent with coupon codes from

Build Your Offense

Having a good offense is not only important during the big game, it's also essential to a smooth-running party. Take the necessary maneuvers to keep young kiddos entertained by getting a sitter or having crafts, activities, and games at the ready when attention spans wane. If attendees are bringing their dogs, set out buckets of water and remind owners to bring food and pet beds to keep the canines happy, too!

Score Big on Supplies

Whether you're a Rams fan or rooting for Brady and his Patriots, party supplies are a must to show your support. Party City is a great outlet for inexpensive serving essentials. In fact, you can purchase a basic party set featuring cups, plastic forks, plates and napkins for 18 guests for less than $15. You can also find free printable templates of decor and party games online, including the classic Super Bowl squares game from Sports Illustrated.

Avoid Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Since you'll likely be enjoying a few adult beverages during your party, make sure your guests are drinking responsibly. DUI checkpoints abound on Super Bowl Sunday, and you don't want guests leaving your home under the influence. Make sure everyone has a designated driver and be prepared to host an overnight guest if necessary.

This post was modified from the original written by Kendal Perez, the Savings Expert for, a popular coupon website and mobile app managed in Colorado. Kendal is a regular contributor to local morning news programs on the topic of saving money, and has been an expert guest for HLN, FOX Business, and a host of regional news stations across the country.