The Dime Roll: Mind Control, DIY Gifts, Furnace Repair & More

December 5, 2014

Did you notice The Dime's fresh, redesigned look?? While we keep tinkering behind the scenes, check out all of the great content we found on other personal finance blogs this week!

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Infographic: How are Shoppers Spending Their Money This Holiday Season?

Interest Rates: Deciding Which Debt to Tackle First

Life Expectancy: Why Yours Matters    

And other awesome content across the World Wide Web:

Money Saving Tips:
16 Easy, Delicious and Homemade Holiday Gifts by Laurel Randolph on Wisebread
Buying gifts for everyone from coworkers to neighbors can get pricey to say the least. These ideas are thoughtful but easy on the wallet.

4 DIY Furnace Repairs to Do Before Calling a Repairman by Travis Pizel on MoneyNing
With the cold weather settling in, your furnace is not something you want breaking down. If you’re experiencing trouble with yours, make sure you check these four things before paying for repairs.

7 Best Things to Buy in December by Wendy Rose Gould on DailyFinance
Whether you’re looking for gift ideas or need to stock up on a few things for yourself, these are things you’ll score a deal on in December.

Money Management:
Proof You Can Live Off 50% of Your Income by J. Money on BudgetsAreSexy
It might seem hard to imagine, but there is a growing group of super savers out there who manage to say “no” to lifestyle inflation and live on HALF of their income instead. It might seem outrageous, but it’s inspiring as well.

Saving Money When You Have No Time by Holly Johnson on GetRichSlowly
Don’t have time to cut countless coupons or make your own cleaning supplies? Most of us don’t. Instead, make it about the “big wins.”

For Every $18.12 You Save, You Buy Back an Entire Day of Your Life by Chris Bailey on ALifeOfProductivity
Let’s be honest – saving for the sake of “doing what’s right” generally doesn’t work. But, if you think about saving in terms of buying your freedom, that is something else entirely. Don’t miss this post.

Food For Thought:
People Around You Control Your Mind: The Latest Evidence by Jeff Guo on TheWashingtonPost
You may think you stopped being controlled by peer pressure after leaving high school, but a new study suggests it’s not quite that easy.

Intimate Portraits of People in Debt Shed Light on a Hidden American Crisis by Libby Kane on BusinessInsider
The number of Americans struggling under the weight of debt is astounding and one photographer is trying to capture the crisis on film.