Creative Ways to Get (and Stay) Fit

November 18, 2014

There are a variety of ways for people to get fit these days -- especially in a city like Denver. If you are an outdoorsy person, you can run, bike, walk, or even do yoga in the park. There are a few more unique choices out there that take place in studios. Some of these workouts make you use muscles that you may not have even known you had. Personally, it takes a lot to motivate me to workout at all. I have tried different things and what generally works for me is something that seems fun, different and, well, doesn’t seem like I’m exercising.

Here are some ideas for locations around the city that won’t break the bank and might make you forget the “chore” of working out.

BYSE4: $15 drop-in ($99/unlimited monthly auto-pay)
Something that is on trend at the moment is mixing your workout. Most studios only offer one fitness style so if you want to do circuit training AND yoga, you need to go to different locations or join a pricey gym. At BYSE4, they took that into consideration. Built from scratch by two personal trainers specialized in yoga and barre, this studio offers not two but four different types of classes. Barre, yoga, sculpt, and “evolve” are what the name encompasses. I was told once that barre would “lift your butt 1-2 inches.” I saw some amazing results and it was definitely a change from anything else I was doing. What sets this apart from others (because there are a few around) is the specialized circuit training class, “evolve.” They developed this class themselves to mix your workout with lifting, yoga moves, and cardio without getting bored. This is definitely a place to check out. First timers get their first class free!

It Burns Joe Fitness: FREE (donations accepted)
For some, having a set time to work out with friends and push yourself is the best way to get out and get fit. It Burns Joe Fitness (IBJF) is a FREE boot camp that takes place at Red Rocks. Everyone is always welcome. You push yourself as hard as you want and everyone is on different levels. IBJF mixes intense cardio, stair and bleacher running, ab and core strengthening, plyometrics, military exercises and yoga. This is a unique way to work hard inside one of the most beautiful venues in the world. Worried about bad weather? No problem! They have a back-up gym for the usual Sunday Red Rocks workouts and also offer an indoor Wednesday evening class ($5 for gym admittance).

Martial Arts: prices vary
If my son didn’t take karate I would have no idea about the benefits, both physically and mentally, that come from this sport. Most dojos are family run and love teaching children and adults. Karate will teach you confidence, focus, respect, and how to protect yourself. There are a few places all over town. Dojos like Denver Karate Academy and ATA Karate Denver focuses a lot on kids but highly encourages adults to join in. It is a great way to spend time with the family being active and having fun. Colorado Krav Maga holds classes for kids but focuses a lot on adults and different styles. They also have different locations in and around Denver so it’s pretty convenient to get to one. If you want to try your hand at kickboxing but also want to cross train, this is a good place to check out.

Boxing: prices vary
Have you ever just wanted to hit something really hard? Yeah, me too. Boxing is a great choice for fitness and to learn how to throw a punch. Boxing requires a particular fitness level and training like a boxer will be a definite change from lifting weights at the gym. Touch ‘Em Up Boxing Gym offers basic fitness to novices along with real training sessions on how to get in the game. Lead by professional boxer, you can choose to take group classes for $10 each or get in some private lessons starting around $50. A1 Boxing Fitness offers a variety of styles to aid in fitness or just general training for individual sports like boxing and kick boxing. Certified trainers run the classes and will give you results. They also offer kid classes for the little knock-outs in your life.

Neila Rey Workouts: FREE
Let’s be honest. Some of us just don’t want to work out in front of people. It’s something that we want to do alone in the privacy of our own home. Neila Rey Workouts is a great way to do a variety of things while in your own home. Some workouts are named after movies, superheros, or games. Get your Jedi on or work on the Batman. Each workout has a different poster that can be printed for you to hang out. There is even a Movie Night workout that you can do sitting on your couch. This site has everything including step by step instruction along with challenges to really get you going. It even features blogs about getting motivated as well as meal planning and recipes. Give it a shot and you may end up a Street Fighter.