The Dime Roll: Best Buys for October, Secret Warranties, & More

October 3, 2014

Find out how secret car warranties could save you money, how to freeze those veggies to get the biggest bang for your buck, and much more. Check it out.

This Week on The Dime: 

Tips for Buying a Used Car Without the Headache

Investing 101: What Are the Fees I Pay for My Investment Fund?

How to Handle Negativity in the Workplace

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Money Saving Tips:
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Food waste is huge problem in most American households. Combat this budget-buster by learning how to freeze produce with this post.

The Best and Worst Things to Buy in October by Lindsay Sakraida on MoneyTalksNews
Looking to buy a car? October may be your month. A TV on the other hand? You might want to hold off until Black Friday.

“Secret Warranties” Can Get You Free or Discounted Car Repair by Kristin Wong on TwoCents
Some car recalls are highly publicized. However, some aren’t publicized – and, if you’re in the know, you could score some discounted or free repairs.

Money Management:
How to Improve Your Credit Score Step-by-Step by Lou Carlozo on MoneyUnder30
Credit scores can seem arbitrary and impossible to change, but there are ways you can nudge your score higher. This post is full of great advice.

Do You Know These 5 Financial Lessons Most People Learn in Their 40s? by Nora Dunn on Wisebread
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How Do You Determine Your House’s Value? by Luke Landes on Consumerism Commentary
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Food For Thought:
Financial Secrets of the Amish by Quentin Fottrell on MarketWatch
The Amish have perfected the art of simple living. But they’ve also mastered frugality and living below their means. I found this article fascinating.

Why I Don’t Say “We Can’t Afford That” by Stephanie on
Most would agree that our words have tremendous power. This author points out that saying, “we can’t afford that,” puts us in a place of passivity when it comes to our finances. What do you think?