The Dime Roll: Worst Airlines, Debt Relief, Happy Retirement, & More

August 22, 2014


thedimeroll-2-300x217 (2)How much does it really take to be happy in retirement? What organizations will provide real debt relief? You can find those topics and many more in this week’s Dime Roll.

This Week on The Dime: 

Cutting Cell Phone Costs: Carriers That Won’t Break the Bank

Dealing With Debt Collectors? Know Your Rights

Retirement Savings: What’s Needed to Close the Income Gap?

And other awesome content across the World Wide Web:

Money Saving Tips:

Airline Fees: 13 Best & Worst Airlines When Traveling in the U.S. by Jacqueline Curtis on MoneyCrashers
Fees can quickly make a somewhat affordable plane ticket completely out of your price range. Make sure you know which airlines are the worst fee offenders.

Follow These Tips to Save Money When Renting a Car by Anthony Fontana on FiveCentNickel
Car rentals can range from quite reasonable to over-the-top expensive depending on a variety of factors. Find out how to fall in the lower end of that spectrum next time you rent a car.

The Days of the Week These Retailers Change Their Prices by Kristin Wong on TwoCents
If you’re looking to save money, it can help to know when stores change their prices. This post offers a glimpse at the price changing habits of a few large retailers.

Money Management:

An Economist and a Personal Finance Expert Teach You Money by Dylan Matthews on Vox
Ready to take a holistic approach to your finances? This post will help you see your big money picture – instead of spending too much energy on the small parts that don’t create big financial wins.

8 Organizations That Can Really Help You with Your Debt by Julie Rains on Wisebread
Some people or organizations that offer debt relief end up digging you a bigger hole than the one you were originally struggling with. This list is where the real help is at.

How to Get Credit Card and Bank Fees Reversed by Allison Martin on MoneyTalksNews
There’s nothing worse than seeing your hard-earned money whittled away by  fees. If you find yourself faced with bank or credit card fees, don’t give up just yet – follow these tips instead.

Food For Thought:

Here’s the Magic Amount You Need to Retire Happy by Mark Miller on Time
There’s plenty of talk about how much retirees need in order to outlive their money, but how much do retirees need in order to actually be happy in retirement? The answer surprised many.

What Being Passionate About Your Work Really Means by Jon Dulin on PennyThots
Most people cite lack of passion when asked why they feel unfulfilled in their work life. The real issue, however, is lack of engagement – and there’s plenty that can be done to fix that.