Have a Hankering for a Cinnamon Roll? Try These Colorado Spots

August 6, 2014

There I was about 17 miles into my commute to Denver from Fort Collins this morning and I remembered that I had not refueled before heading south on I-25.  I probably could have made it to the office in Denver on the remaining gasoline and fumes. However, being one traffic jam away from a dead engine was not how I wanted to start my morning.  So, I pulled off at Exit 254 and slid next to the gas pump at the iconic Johnson’s Corner truck stop.

I’m not a person easily distracted from my preoccupation with food by simply refueling my vehicle.   But, what is interesting is that Johnson’s corner has some of the finest cinnamon rolls ever baked. (No, really. They bake 15,000 of them every month.)

I haven’t had one in quite a few years.  You know, the dreaded diet. Overriding the gas fumes was the sweet call of the fresh baked and iced cinnamon rolls.  My stomach called out greedily, “Feed me!”

With the gas cap snapped back in place securely, I pulled into a parking space.  The heck with building traffic volume and the delay this will cause, I needed a cinnamon roll.  And, I was going to have my way.  For $2.99 for the cinnamon roll, and a $1.59 large coffee I was back on the highway heading south.  My advice: don’t forget the napkins and wet wipes -- you’ll need them to get the “sticky” off your fingers.  Oh, and the coffee?  Don’t attempt to take a sip for at least 10 miles unless you don’t want to feel your tongue for the next three weeks while the blisters heal.  It’s hot coffee, folks.  I mean really hot and really strong.  This cup o’ joe is meant for truck drivers who won’t stop for another 400 miles today and can’t afford to get sleepy.

So, having a great cinnamon roll this morning has me re-addicted.  I already have plans made for a foray on Saturday morning to Vern’s Place in La Porte, Colorado, just northwest of Fort Collins.  I’ll just head north on US 287 Business Route until I get almost to Rist Canyon Road.  Vern’s is right there on the right side of the road.  You can’t miss it.  Why, you ask?  Cinnamon rolls, cinnamon rolls, and more cinnamon rolls!

Over the years I have probably eaten more Vern’s Place cinnamon rolls than Johnson’s Corner cinnamon rolls.  Vern’s is a little more out of the way than Johnson’s Corner now that 287 is rerouted around La Porte.  But, Vern’s is in a dead heat with the Johnson’s Corner cinnamon roll rendition.  These are world class baked goods and my mouth waters at just the thought of them.

Oh, how could I forget?  The historic Silver Grill in Olde Town Ft. Collins is a top tier producer of amazing cinnamon rolls too.  Not only can you order a just cinnamon roll, you can order cinnamon roll French toast.  Now, visualize this creation of a frosted cinnamon roll sliced, battered, and grilled, then submerged in a pool of rich maple syrup deep enough to swim in!  Now, do I have your foodie attention?

I haven’t risked eating cinnamon rolls elsewhere in Colorado other than at these three Northern Colorado places.  You must have your own favorite place for that Saturday or Sunday morning breakfast which includes a cinnamon roll.

Leave a comment with your favorite Colorado spot to get a huge cinnamon roll.