Summer on a Budget: Cheap Backyard Activities for Kids

May 14, 2014

Summer is coming and when you have kids, the first thing that might cross your mind is how on earth you'll keep them entertained all day. Something active to get the energy out would be ideal -- without taking them on costly daily outings. Luckily, you can set up your backyard with fantastic activities to keep them occupied. Here are just a few ideas.

Water Blob
Courtesy of Clumsy Crafter
It’s hot in the summer. You want to play in the water, right? Sprinklers, water balloons, and fountains have all been done. How about a giant water blob? It is a giant DIY water sheet that you could add anything from glitter and confetti to gummy characters or soft toys to keep it exciting.

Homemade Water Wall
Courtesy of Things to Share & Remember
While we are on the subject of keeping cool in the yard, check out this homemade water well that you can make out of recycled containers from your house. This is a project that the kids will not only love when you have finished putting it together, but they will also have fun helping you build.

Woven Tie Dye Wall
Courtesy of Spoonful 
Crafts are always a good option but again, let’s get them out of the house. If you string up a sheet and get some washable fabric paints you can create just about anything -- including creating a tie-dye woven wall. 

Outdoor Sound Wall & Music Station
Courtesy of Fun at Home With Kids
To create a sound wall, you probably need to be sure that you have some understanding neighbors. But here’s another project that will be fun for the kids to help you build and then play with afterwards.

Washable Chalk Paint
Courtesy of Passion for Savings 
Chalk can be fun to draw with, but did you know that you can create an easily washable paint out of sidewalk chalk? Your kids can enjoy themselves painting a fence or a wall whatever way they like and, if you hose it off or if it rains, they get a new blank canvas. It's summer-long fun for everyone.

Play Garden
Courtesy of The Imagination Tree 
Do you want to give your kids something to do and help them learn over the summer? Create a private garden for them. My son is a self-proclaimed “helper," but sometimes his help just causes more problems. While I appreciate his wonderful heart and time, sometimes I like to create a place where he can help himself and create on his own. Setting up his own private garden away from the true gardening area might just be the perfect solution.

Outdoor Tent or Teepee 
Courtesy of Tatertots & Jello 
Setting up a tent in your back yard can be as simple or as complicated as you want. String a line from one tree to another and throw a sheet over it just to give the kids some shelter from the sun and a place to play. Or you can put a little more effort into it and build a teepee. Either way, giving your kids somewhere to read or play while outdoors will always be appreciated.

Life-Sized Games
Courtesy of Creative Mama on a Dime
Creating life-sized games in the backyard can be fun for the whole family. Anything from tic-tac-toss to Twister or Kerplunk can be set up with different supplies from the hardware store.

Do you have an creative activities for the backyard? Share them with us!