The Dime Roll: Frequent Flyer Miles, Broke Budgeting, Productivity Boosts, & More

April 11, 2014

On this week's Dime Roll we have blogs that cover everything from budgeting when you're broke to easy ways to earn frequent flyer miles. There's something for everyone -- so check it out.

This Week on The Dime: 

How Being a Better Patient Can Pay Off

Preparing for an Emergency: Is Your Life in Order?

DIY Cleaning Products: Inexpensive & Effective

And other awesome content across the World Wide Web:

Money Saving Tips:
10 Fun and Inexpensive Things to Do With Your Kids This Weekend by Kimberly Winkowitsch on MoneyTalksNews
Coming up with ways to keep your kids entertained without spending an arm and a leg can be tricky. Check out some of these creative – but inexpensive – things you can do with your kids this weekend.

How to Earn Tons of Frequent Flyer Miles Without Flying by Summer Hull on WiseBread
If you love to travel but don’t have an overabundance of funds to do so, frequent flyer miles are the way to go. Luckily, flying isn’t the only way to rack them up.

10 Cheap/Free Things for Book Lovers by Claire Murdough on ReadyForZero
How can you celebrate your love for books without spending a bundle? This blog offers plenty of ideas – everything from getting free books for doing reviews to joining an online reading community.

Money Management:
3 Steps to Creating Concrete Financial Goals by Alexa Mason on MoneyNing
Lacking the motivation to get your finances in order? Setting concrete, obtainable financial goals is a great place to start.

6 Must-Have Features for Checking Accounts by Constance Gustke on Bankrate, DollarStretcher
Fees, fees, fees. Even checking accounts are no longer immune to them. If you’re looking for a checking account with features that actually work for you, here’s what to pay attention to.

How to Budget When You’re Broke by Kristin Wong on TwoCents
Sick of hearing you should have a budget when your cash flow is seriously lacking? This post is chock full of resources and will help you put together a budget that speaks to where you are right now.

Food For Thought:
Sixth-Grade Wolves of Wall St. Outperform Best Business Schools on NBCNews
When it comes to investing, years of experience and strategic planning might not reap the highest returns. That’s precisely what one sixth grade class found out when they went up against students at a top business school.

21 Ways to Perk Up Your Productivity by Craig Jarrow on TimeManagementNinja
All aspects of life just seem to work better when you’re being productive – but often times that is easier said than done. If your productivity needs a boost, try some of these tips.